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Twitter Loves This Model’s Hilariously Over-The-Top Dad


It’s really great when we have a good relationship with our parents, especially as we get older. For some of us, grabbing lunch or going to the movies is something that we love doing with one or both of our parents.

But when kids grow up and have their own life happening, parents can have different reactions. Some can give them their space while others can get super offended and find any opportunity to be extra dramatic about the situation.  

Depending what type of parents you have, things like canceling plans with them can be a big deal or it can be the end of the world. For Justine Biticon, it’s the second option and it’s pretty hilarious.

You might have recognized 18-year-old Justine as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. As a model, she travels a lot.

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Normally it’s her dad who picks her up from the airport, only this time she was getting a lift from her mom. So she texted her dad to tell him.

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Justine ended up screenshotting her father’s response and the conversation that came after she bailed on him. He went a little bit “drama-queen” on her.

She tweeted “every time I cancel any plan with my dad he does this whole thing to me and I realize where my extra-ness comes from”


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