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Guy Attempts Cheesy Pick-Up Line Only To Be Hilariously Rejected

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The art of swooning has changed drastically with the emergence of social media. The cliché meet-cutes in most romantic comedies have only become more fictitious due to the much less perilous act of typing from the safety of behind a screen.

Instead of boldly approaching a stranger or handwriting a love note, this generation has developed the habit of slipping their way into people’s inboxes on various social media platforms.

One romantic hopeful thought he could mosey his way into one girl’s Twitter inbox to spark a connection. However, his sleazy introduction tactic ended up making the hilarious rejection he received result in viral humiliation.

19-year-old Nicholas Pallone from Dacula, Georgia grew fond of a girl he was following on Twitter. To strike up a conversation, Pallone tried his luck by using a clever yet groan-worthy pick-up line in her direct messages.

Pallone managed to pique the girl’s interest with a question prompt that was void of his courting intent. While visibly hesitant, she complied to help Nicholas settle his friendly debate.

Any question regarding the alphabet and missing letters should be an immediate bad pick-up line red flag. However, this girl didn’t quite clue in to Nicholas’s set up yet, but little did Nicholas know, he was setting himself up for disaster.

After engaging his Twitter crush with an oddball alphabet inquiry, Pallone dropped his eye-roll inducing punchline, which did anything but help him score a date or a number.

Instead of ignoring her Twitter DM suitor or laughing the bad pick-up line off, this girl decided to beat Pallone at his own game. She used his own setup and delivered one ruthless yet hilariously witty rejection.

Getting shut down was enough for Nicholas to surrender from the game of inbox advances. He tweeted a screenshot of his rejection, which was quick to go viral.

In just a matter of weeks, Nicholas’ tweet managed to amass over 50,000 retweets and over 170,000 likes. What followed was an array of equally hilarious responses from other Twitter users either comically sympathizing with Nicholas or roasting him further.

While Pallone may not have won over his romantic conquest, he certainly managed to win over the Twitter community. Hopefully, the next time Nicholas decides to woo a stranger, he opens with something a little more genuine.

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