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Twitter Community Unites Against A Girl’s Controlling Boyfriend


Everyone is inherently flawed and since nobody’s perfect we rely on other people to fill in those gaps. These flaws may come in a variety of forms. Surrounding yourself with the right ‘team’ will only make you and the rest of the group that much better. 

A recent series of tweets showcased the exact type of teammate you DON’T want in life. A tweet posted by a student showed a toxic relationship between her unnamed friend and her boyfriend.

Twitter users rallied together to defend the young girl and asked her to leave.

Read more to find out.

Ciara Behrens shared a series of texts on Twitter between her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. She asked her 953 followers to retweet if they thought her friend should leave the boyfriend.


In these messages, Ciara’s friend could be seen asking for permission to go to an event with some of her friends.

Her boyfriend straight up forbade her from going. This was an event that they were both apparently attending but she simply wanted to show up with her friends.

The boyfriend promptly denounced that notion and insisted that she arrive at the event with him. Since then, the series of tweets has garnered over 80,000 retweets which seem to suggest that this girl should just leave her boyfriend.

Things seem a little off to begin with if someone has to ask their boyfriend ‘for permission’ to go out with their friends.

And Twitter users promptly agreed with that. Some retweeted with simple pictures that said ‘dump him’ while others used the James Harden gif where he slyly walks away from a post-game interview.

Viral Turtle

Just like with any other story, there is another side to this. Other Twitter users rallied to the boyfriend’s side by saying: ‘that’s one side of the story, clearly some stuff happened in the past for him to plead with her like that.’


Others said: ‘this post is incredibly biased for only showing us this. give us both sides of the story or don’t post anything at all.’

Although there will probably never be full disclosure of this story, what we have found out is that Ciara’s friend did indeed break up with him after all.


But this didn’t happen until after a flame war erupted on Twitter with Ciara caught right in the crossfire. Some wholeheartedly defended the boyfriend while the majority were on the side of the girlfriend.

However, some direct messages were a little more violent as they asked for the home address of the boy so that they could ‘beat him up.’ She addressed these messages with a single tweet.

Ciara tweeted: ‘for anyone who is DMing me 1) I’m not giving out his contact information! And 2) yes they broke up thank you for making her realize how big of a piece of [expletive] he is.’



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