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Same Gender Couple Raises A Son And This Is The Outcome


Being the year 2017, there are several things that are becoming more widely accepted that used to be seen as more taboo or controversial. Since the US legalized same-gender marriages in 2016, there has been an overwhelming amount of same-gender couples who are starting to feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

However, for several years this was not the case. Couples had to date in secret, and they were often shunned by society and even their own parents. People have so many internalized negative opinions about same-gender couples, especially when they decide to start a family together.

For years people have been making stupid assumptions about children who are raised by same-gender parents. They think they’ll grow up to be non-heterosexual as well or will not develop correctly without a parent of each gender.

Zach Wahls is a 25-year-old activist who is the son of two moms in a same-gender relationship. Growing up, he experienced bullying and comments towards his parents’ relationship, some people even refusing to associate with him. This lead Zach to become an author and an activist for LGBT equality.

When Zach was 19 years old and a student at the University of Iowa, he spoke about his family and upbringing during a public forum on the House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives.

As the son of two mothers, he was actively arguing against the House Joint Resolution 6 which would put a stop to civil unions in Iowa.

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Zach started off his speech saying that when his biological mother Terry had first become pregnant and told her grandparents about it, they didn’t even acknowledge the fact–it wasn’t until he was actually born that they began to get over their issues. Unfortunately, neither of them were alive long enough to see her marry her partner Jackie in 2009 when same-gender marriage became legalized in Iowa. 

He also explained that he has a little sister who has the same monogamous donor, making them full siblings ‘which is really cool’ for Zach. He expressed that his family really isn’t that different from anyone else’s.

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