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Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Manhattan Woman After She Falls Asleep During The Ride


Uber has truly grown exponentially over the past 2 to 3 years. More and more people are preferring to use Uber as a form of public transportation than ever before. It has continued to grow in other countries across the world as well but recently an Uber driver has been accused of raping an unconscious woman who ordered his ride on the app.

The driver is said to have brought the unconscious woman back to his apartment and raped her.

The incident has since been reported to the police and authorities are now on the lookout for him.

The story began when a  woman from the East Village woke up in a stranger’s house one night after passing out in an Uber car.

uber-serp-logo-f6e7549c89 Uber

The 31-year-old woman called for a ride at 52nd street and 2nd Avenue around 2 a.m. She told the driver the address of her home and then fell asleep in the car.



Police sources say that on Thursday the Uber driver drove the unconscious woman to his Flushing apartment and then proceeded to rape her.


The unidentified woman said that she woke up in shock since she wasn’t in her own home. She said that she was raped while she was still unconscious.


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