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This Uber Driver Didn’t Realize Her BF Was Cheating On Her Until She Drove His Side Chick To His Apartment

Getting cheated on is a horrible feeling. The shock and betrayal can lead to sadness or anger and depending on whether the cheater gets caught, it can turn into a heated situation. Nobody should cheat on their significant other, but if you are, you should probably make sure that your side date doesn’t call your actual partner on Uber.

That’s exactly what happened to twitter user Msixelaa who works for Uber when she realized that she was about to drop off a different woman to her boyfriend’s place.

Although she didn’t think anything of it right away, as her man lives in an apartment complex, when she pulled up and the other woman pointed out his car, she knew something was up.

Check out the whole awkward situation via her tweets. This poor girl’s boyfriend told her that he was going out of town to New York to visit his mother in the hospital, even packing ‘luggage’.

The Uber driver in our story thought nothing when her boyfriend told her he was going to be going away for a little while. She even spent the night before he was supposed to leave at his place.

In the morning, they parted ways both driving in different directions. She had assumed her boyfriend was driving to the airport.

Later on that day, Msixelaa started her work day and one of her customers was a girl who needed a ride from the airport. She needed a ride to an apartment and explained that she was just visiting.

The girl ranted about how she was so excited to see her boyfriend because she hadn’t seen him in a long time, while Msixelaa tried to relate sharing that her man had just left town.

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