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Meet The ‘Queen Of The Dark’ Who Was Told To Bleach Her Incredibly Dark Skin By Uber Driver

Nyakim Gatwech is a 24-year-old woman of color who embraces the skin she is in. The South Sudanese model who currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota is known as the “Queen Of The Dark.” Nyakim recently shared the story of a racist encounter with an Uber driver that could’ve very well brought her down.

Gatwech shared the story via an Instagram post. Upon entering an Uber in 2016, the driver made an insulting suggestion, asking her if she would bleach her dark skin for $10,000, and implying that her dark complexion was nothing to love. Instead of stooping to his level, she instead broke out into laughter and has been especially proud of the skin she is in ever since.

Out of curiosity, she asked the driver why he would suggest such a thing. He said life would be easier for her, it would be easier for her to be in a relationship, and that she would get more job opportunities if she was lighter. She admitted that even so, she would “rather take the hard road”, which is a reflection of how strong she is.

The fashion icon turned a negative into a positive and has been trending upwards ever since. She admits that she still receives discouraging comments, but she remains an advocate for self-love and is a strong voice for black rights worldwide.  

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