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12 Family Photos That Are So Awkward It Hurts

It’s a phrase that no one ever wants to hear from anyone in their family: “Let’s all get together and take a picture!” This singular phrase has resulted in more uncomfortable family portraits than can even be counted. And yet, behind every weird family photo, there seems to be a story of what led to that moment.

There are candid family photos that just capture the entirely wrong moment, but there are also uncomfortable family portraits where it seems like one or more family members just don’t want to be there. An uncomfortable family portrait can be a point of pride though, as it shows the exact nature of a family with absolutely no pretense.

These are 12 of the most uncomfortable family portraits that have been taken. Sometimes the kids ruin the picture, sometimes the parents do, and sometimes it’s just something entirely out of anyone’s control. Either way, each of these uncomfortable family portraits shows exactly what spending time with your family can be like.

1. Nothing makes for a better awkward family photo than forgetting how long the timer is set for. A better idea for this family is to make sure you’re ready before you start posing.

2. The holidays can be a trying time for parents, especially when they have to deal with their in-laws. From the look of this awkward family photo, that’s exactly what’s happening.

3. Alright, Mom and Dad, it looks like the kids have had enough of your making out. Both the passionate kiss and the horrified faces make this a very uncomfortable family portrait.

4. “Can’t we all just take one nice picture?” It’s a question every parent has asked at least once in their life. These family members are not interested, except for the one who chose to at least make a silly face.

5. Yes, it’s okay to be proud of your hot tub, but no, it is not okay to make everyone pose for an uncomfortable family portrait in the hot tub.

6. There may have been more than one attempt on this awkward family photo, but just thinking that this was ultimately the winner means the other tries must have been truly awful.

7. Sometimes you get so close to a nice photo, but then one small accident ruins the whole thing. At least Dad got to smile nicely for the camera.

8. There’s something missing from this weird family photo, but what could it be? Give it up to this family for at least making the attempt to get everyone together.

9. This is a valuable lesson for any amateur photographers: always check every part of your frame to see what might be lurking in the background.

10. Getting a good picture with a two-year-old is easier said than done. Apparently, the story behind this awkward family photo is that Mom and Dad asked their son to say “cheese” and he just lost it.

11. Smiling for a photo can be a stressful situation for some people. These proud parents gave it their best shot. Hopefully, they’ve had more practice over the years.

12. A lot of uncomfortable family portraits probably seem like good ideas in theory. For example, having everyone kiss might sound cute in your head, but it’s never going to work out.


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