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Uncontacted Tribe In The Amazon Was Reportedly Massacred By Illegal Gold Miners


The ‘Uncontacted Frontier’ also known as the Javari Valley is the Amazon region that is home to the world’s largest set of uncontacted tribes. Within that region that borders Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, lies at least 20 isolated groups that have not yet been contacted by society. Estimates indicate that as many as 2,000 individuals live in the Javari Valley.

Little is known about them, since they are ‘uncontacted,’ but what we do know is that they often reject any sort of contact or interaction with the outside world.

This is brought on because of horrific violence and diseases that are brought in by outsiders.

And violence occurred once again after public prosecutors in Brazil arrested two illegal gold miners who bragged about massacring more than ten members of an uncontacted tribe.

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It has been alleged that illegal gold miners in a remote Amazon river killed up to one-fifth of an entire uncontacted tribe. They then boasted about how they chopped up the bodies and disposed of them in a river.

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News only surfaced about this horrific act after these gold miners began boasting of their killings in bars and showing off ‘trophies’ in nearby towns.

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FUNAI, the National Indian Foundation, is a Brazilian government body that carries out policies that have to do with indigenous people. They confirmed this attack and are currently investigating the case.

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They said that the tribe was composed of more than 50 people and women and children were among the dead.

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Pictures from December of 2016 show burnt communal houses which could be another sign of another massacre.

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Such despicable violence occurs because these nomads live on resource-rich lands which miners want to take advantage of.

Survival InternationalSurvival International

It has been alleged that several government teams that were in charge of protecting these indigenous tribes have since had their funding cut by the Brazilian government. Two other tribes, the Kawahiva and the Piripkura, have also both been reportedly raided. The two tribes are surrounded by hundreds of ranchers, miners and land invaders.

paulo-marubo-by-acervo-cti_article_columnSurvival International

Survival International is one of the groups that look out for the best interests of these Indigenous people.

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Their Director, Stephen Corry, said: ‘if these reports are confirmed, President Temer and his government bear a heavy responsibility for this genocidal attack.’

more-than-100-uncontacted-tribes-exist-in-total-isolation-from-global-societySurvival International

‘The slashing of FUNAI’s funds has left dozens of uncontacted tribes defenseless against thousands of invaders – gold miners, ranchers, and loggers – who are desperate to steal and ransack their lands.’

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He continued by saying: ‘all these tribes should have had their lands properly recognized and protected years ago – the government’s open support for those who want to open up indigenous territories is utterly shameful and is setting indigenous rights in Brazil back decades.’

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