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7 Adults Went Undercover As High School Students And Found Cell Phones Pose A Much Bigger Problem Than Adults Can Imagine

‘Undercover High’ is a documentary series by A&E that has seven young adults re-enter high school and pose as students in order to truly understand how much of a stress social media is taking on the students. The show, which takes a deep dive into the lives of the students at Highland Park, was filmed in the Spring semester of 2017.

The undercover students quickly found out that cell phones and social media were contributing more stress to students than teachers, homework and tests.

Not only students, but teachers and other staff found it much more difficult to interact with their students given how much time they spend online.

The show follows the lives of these undercover students, ages 21 to 26, and they discovered that things such as bullying are much harder to handle now because of social media.


Shane Feldman, who was an undercover student in the documentary, told Business Insider: ‘bullying has been a thing since the beginning of time, but it’s very different today. The 24/7 nature of it, the way that it transfers onto the online word, has an impact on everything.’


The principal of Highland Park, Beryl New, said at the time that the documentary was filmed: ‘back in the day, if a child was going to be bullied, it might be one person, one incident that happens on the playground or while you’re waiting on the bus. It can be resolved and it’s pretty much the end of it.’

undercover-high-school-students-cell-phone-social-mediaDaily Wire

She continued: ‘now it can be one person has an issue with one person and everybody else chimes in, and by the time it gets to the next day someone wants to fight, someone’s not going to school, someone is threatening suicide. It took something singular, granular even, and it’s just ballooned overnight until it becomes a major issue.’

undercover-high-school-students-cell-phone-social-mediaThe Kansas City Star

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