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15+ Tweets That End In Unexpected And Hilarious Ways

Twitter has become a playground for amateur comedians to find and grow a following. Funny insights, clever witticisms, or snarky satire can quickly spread like wildfire, helping wannabe comedians grow an audience and launch their career.

One only needs to look at the comedian Rob Delaney to understand the true power of the platform for comedians. Delaney’s sense of humor was a perfect fit for Twitter and it didn’t take him long to amass a huge following. He went from a relatively unknown comic to a celebrity almost overnight.

While more established comedians were wary of using Twitter as a platform to share their jokes, comedians like Delaney saw its potential and used it to launch their careers. This list is a compiling of some truly funny tweets from some very funny Twitter accounts. While not all of them belong to amateur comedians, all these tweets do share one thing in common, they all end in unexpected, comedic ways.

1. If I was a rich man: What’s the best way to show someone that you’re completely indifferent to their existence? Well, how about finding a clever way to say you don’t ever think about them. Pakalu Papito is cold. Ice cold.

2. Won’t somebody please think about the children: Every parent has thought about. Don’t lie. You know what I am talking about it. Disowning your children. Sure it’s taboo in today’s modern society. But what if it wasn’t?! Have kids, don’t want them? Simply decide not to have them anymore. Save yourself the hassle of changing diapers and paying for tuition and take that trip to Europe you’ve always wanted to.


3. All about that bass: An endless stroll of pop music blaring through the radio might be what you hear if you ever find yourself in one of Dante’s seven circles of hell, or, as it was in this Twitter user’s case, a really bad coffee shop. Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse. Probably the coffee shop.

4. Setting a good example: It’s important for a father to set a good example for his child. For example, you don’t want your child to show up at a party and not know how to inhale. They could be mocked, bullied, or ridiculed by their peers. Take the father in this tweet, for example, he decided to show his kids how to get fired from your job. But he did probably teach them how to inhale, so I guess there is… ummm, that.

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