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14 Examples Of Travel Adventure That Caught Tourists Completely Off Guard

Travel is always an adventure, but some trips bring more adventure than you expect. On a recent Reddit thread, people shared their biggest unexpected travel adventures, and we curated 14 of the best!

“My wife and I took the overnight train from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 2010. We had to share our sleeper room with a Russian guy who spoke no English and looked like a mobster. He acknowledged us, sat down and said something in Russian. As soon as he realized we weren’t Russian and were visiting his country, he ordered a bottle of brandy and three glasses from the stewardess. We sat drinking it and communicated using anything but the spoken language for about three hours. When the brandy had dried up and bedtime was upon us, he took off his trousers to reveal a black pair of tight underpants which had a tiger’s face on the crotch. He climbed to the top bunk and fell asleep. Absolute legend of a guy.” (Toaster_Boaster )

“I was hiking in the rainforest on the Brazilian/Argentinian border near Iguazu Falls with one of my best friends. It was a stunning landscape and we were having a great time until I heard a shriek come from behind me. My friend had wanted to take a picture of something slightly off the path and walked directly into a spider web. This wasn’t just any spiderweb, it was about 6 feet tall and spanned between two large trees across a 4-foot distance. Her entire body was coated in web. We all laughed at her and cleaned her off…and luckily never saw the spider that went with it.” (laurahrahrah)

“I was leaving Amsterdam after a four-day smoke binge. My train to Berlin was leaving in an hour, so I thought I’d have one final smoke before leaving. The coffee shop had a ‘special’ – 7 guilders for a coffee and ‘space cake’. I had one, felt a slight buzz and decided to have another. The waitress asked if I was sure, but I insisted. I walked back to the train station and was walking to my train when the second cake kicked in. It was like getting hit in the back of the head with a mallet.
I successfully managed to get on my train and then passed out. I have vague recollections of showing my Eurail pass and passport. I woke up 12 hours later with a conductor violently shaking me, stumbled out of the Berlin train station and went directly to the first hotel I saw and passed out in my room for another 12 hrs. When I woke up, I decided to check out Berlin, but noticed all these Swiss flags everywhere. I asked the man at the front desk “Excuse me sir, but am I in Berlin?” He gave me a blank stare and said: “No, you are in Basil, Switzerland.” Never did make it to Berlin, but Switzerland was nice.” (deleted)

“I was backpacking around Europe with my girlfriend and we were on the train from Krakow, Poland. Just as the train set off, we realized it was the wrong one and that we had to get off. Ended up with us opening the door (it was an old train with a manual handle, no electronics) and jumping out onto the platform as it was traveling at a fast run, grabbing her bag and making sure she got off before the train sped up. Turns out it does make you feel a little like Indiana Jones.” (Captain_Comedown)

“Six friends and I were on a backpacking trip around Europe after graduating. While we were stopped in Munich, we decided that we needed to see a brewery. The Spaten brewery happened to be the closest to our hostel so we just walked on over. An older gentleman answered our knock on the door, and we asked him about going on a tour. He didn’t quite understand what we were asking and thought that we had scheduled a tour that he wasn’t prepared for. He apologized profusely and brought all six of us up to the private top floor of the brewery (not quite a skyscraper, but a really tall building near downtown). Turns out they had moved an old bierhaus to the top floor, it had a full bar, hot pretzels, and amazing views of the city. Up there we met a guy who spoke English and we figured out what had happened and that it was a big misunderstanding. Instead of telling us we needed to leave, he poured us all a beer, gave us food, and told us to stay as long as we liked. It was completely random and so amazing how nice people can be sometimes. Spaten gained 6 lifelong customers that day.” (Tdc10731)

“I was on a train in Paris about this time last year, me and my friend were on our way to meet some people down at the Moulin Rouge. I was eating a cup of noodles with a fork I’d liberated from the hostel. This lovely gent stands up to leave the train, sort of half bows with his head down and hands together and ever-so_gently takes my noodles from me. Says ‘Merci’ a couple of times and departs the train.
I wasn’t even mad, it was beautiful.” (alldaysharkboy)


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