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24 People Whom Fortune Did Not Favor Whatsoever

Despite our best efforts, not every day goes according to plan. There are some days where we wished we never left the comforts of bed, and for a good reason. It doesn’t take much for a seemingly good day to nosedive after a moment of utter misfortune. While no one enjoys being plagued by bad luck themselves, there’s something sadistically entertaining about other people’s comic hardships.

What could be worse than a seemingly cursed day? Having your bad luck documented and then plastered on the Internet for everyone else’s enjoyment. For most of us, a moment of misfortune is just that, luckily fleeting. However, these unfortunate folks’ adversities aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are 24 people whom fortune did not favor whatsoever.

1. Despite the increasing candle count, once you reach a certain age, you’d think that you’d have mastered the art of blowing out the celebratory birthday flames. This woman, however, made the mistake of getting too close and is now destined to enter the new age with an involuntary haircut. It should also be noted that instead of trying to extinguish this hair inferno, the photographer here decided to take another picture.

2. There are some days where you just want to roll out of bed and have as little interaction as possible with the outside world. This woman’s hood up approach to her morning indicates that this is one of those days for her. Despite her attempt to draw as little attention to herself as possible, she most likely ended up garnering a lot more unsolicited stares than she’d hoped for.

Imgur / mrdav2u

3. Transporting cartons upon cartons of eggs is one incredibly delicate task. A task that this man will probably never be asked to do again. Staring down at his mess with a face of utter defeat, you can almost hear him talking on the phone, “So, uh, I’ve got some bad news.”

4. Most of us will just pray that no one was watching in the aftermath of an embarrassing fall and try to casually shake it off despite the pain and shame. This cyclist, however, is not so lucky. Not only did he manage to faceplant into an unforgiving city pole, he also managed to do so at the exact moment a tourist was snapping a picture.

5. Falling off of a sailboat in front of all of your colleagues is embarrassing enough on its own, but falling off a sailboat only to be given one riptide of a wedgie? That’s humiliation on a whole other level. This is one moment he will never live down, and if the cameraman aboard is any indication, it was captured from multiple angles.

6. For those who’ve experienced the misfortune of having a bird use their head as a bathroom, consider yourself lucky. This woman had a porcupine fall on her head from a lamp post, which resulted in 272 needles stuck in her scalp. It’s a good thing she didn’t look up or this unintentional acupuncture session might have been a lot more grisly.

7. Photo ops are to be expected when you take the time to get all dressed up for a formal event. However, these two girls got a little too ambitious with their railing-perched pose. Even this girl’s attempt at being a good friend just resulted in both of their unfortunate tumbles.

8. Everyone knows that they have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery, but still, people hopefully select their numbers and hope for the best. This person managed to choose just one number off of each of the winning numbers, which is impressive in its improbability, but unfortunately won’t win you anything.

9. Nothing will disillusion you that childhood is just a distant memory like getting stuck in a playground contraption. This man thought he could play along, but ended up getting trapped in a prison of embarrassment. How did this man even get this far? And more importantly, how is he ever going to get out?

10. This woman thought she was being a good samaritan by attempting to take a picture of a couple, but ended up taking an unintentional selfie instead. While it might not seem like the most unfortunate of events, she probably did not anticipate that her face would soon find itself on the front page of Reddit.

11. You know you’ve had a bad day when someone ends up hitting your car. It’s only more infuriating when the burden was brought on by someone else’s carelessness. The only thing that could make this guy’s day even worse was if someone hits him again because they were reading his rage writing.

12. People go to amusement parks to escape real life and embark on some simulated thrills. If the queue times weren’t bad enough, these unlucky few ended up having to spend much more time than they anticipated on this roller coaster. At least they ended up getting stuck in a quasi-lying down position.

13. There’s nothing luckier than winning the lottery, right? One of these brothers probably doesn’t feel that way. These two siblings ended up winning on the same day but ended up receiving drastically different prize amounts. Hopefully, their parents instilled the importance of sharing at a young age for Bob’s sake.

14. If you decide to treat yourself to an ice cream cone by the beach, chances are, you probably overpaid and had to wait for it. However, nothing beats a cold treat by the water, right? This seagull seems to agree. At least when you drop your cone, you have yourself to blame.

15. Bad days have their way of sneaking their way into the most innocent of activities. This girl was just trying to enjoy some leisurely swinging, but gravity had different plans for her. There’s absolutely no way that this landing ended pretty. Let’s just hope that whatever playground terrain is below is forgiving.

16. Being in a public bathroom without access to toilet paper puts you in a very vulnerable position. This man almost had a clean break until his roll slipped from his grip. Anyone who has ever been in this position knows that there’s no way to reel it back in. Hopefully, this urinating man lends a swift kick.

17. Falling asleep on public transportation can be an awfully embarrassing scenario. You don’t know who is going to see you, who might take a picture, or if you will ever get off at your intended stop. This man probably fell victim to all three possibilities in the worst ways imaginable.

18. Whatever bus stop this girl was trying to get off at — she clearly missed. Surprisingly, her fellow commuters don’t seem very concerned about her misfortune nor does the person who decided to use this opportunity to take a photo. Let’s just hope this bus route doesn’t involve any tight tunnels.

19. If you are a bride crying on public transportation, chances are, you are having a worse day than most. By the looks of her dress, this is only a glimpse of her journey. Whatever series of misadventures brought this woman to this moment will likely forever trump the average person’s bad day.

20. Imagine being excited to finally be done your day and head home only to find your car has become swarmed by bees. There’s not much you can really do here except for wallowing in your own terrible luck. You have to wonder though, what the heck is this person washing their car with?

21. You’d think that once you reach a certain age, your bad luck would have run out already. Unfortunately, that did not end up being the case for this elderly woman who just wanted to take a break. She may have been lucky enough to be wearing a red top, but her pants won’t be as fortunate.

22. Sometimes you don’t even have to see the person to know that they had the worst day ever. The note this student got sent home with may be vague, but it still creates enough haunting imagery to know that whatever happened here was not good. It’s safe to assume that this kid ended up switching schools.

23. If there’s ever a call that you are absolutely dreading to make, consider this man’s wildly unfortunate scenario and your call probably won’t seem half as bad. How this managed to happen may be left up to interpretation, but the fate of this man’s career is much more blatant.

24. This is just one of the many reasons you should always have a spotter present when climbing up a ladder. Considering she was able to take a picture, chances are, she’s got her phone with her. Let’s just hope that someone is available to come lend her a hand.


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