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28 Unique People You’ll Only Meet At Walmart

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Body shaming is a pretty real thing in our society and though we believe that no one should be ashamed of the things they wear or how they look, there are definitely some people out there with interesting taste.

If you’ve ever heard of liminal spaces, we could probably make the argument that Walmart falls into that category. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a liminal space is essentially a place that exists outside of the “tried and true” and often feels like an alternate universe of sorts.

So, if you’ve ever walked into a Walmart and felt as if you’ve entered a completely separate universe, well that just might be why.

Scroll down to find 28 of the most carefree and confident people you can only meet at Walmart.

1. Hey, an all-white outfit is always a good choice, and who doesn’t want to wear a panda hat? Kudos to her!

2. There’s nothing wrong with going into Walmart after a day at the pool or the beach in our opinion, but we understand it can look a little odd.


3. Hey, if rompers for men are making a comeback then why not pink leggings too? If he doesn’t mind showing his undies to the world then more power to him.

4. Nothing wrong with showing a little pride for your favorite sports team while wearing pink shorts!

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5. Pink is certainly my jam, and it is definitely this confident lady’s jam, too! You go, girl!

6. Well, this seems like something out of a Studio Ghibli film if you ask me. A modern day witch heading to Walmart to buy some Cheetos with her cat. Kind of inspirational, really.

7. This is like that scene in Mean Girls. You know the one, where Regina George makes it a fashion statement to wear cut-outs on your tank top showing your undergarments. Except this is in reverse.

8. I’m genuinely a little jealous of her, not going to lie. She’s like an anime character come to life! That’s straight up goals if you ask me.

9. This suit is fly! I feel like we’ve gone back a couple of decades though, definitely gives me that liminal vibe, feels like a time before I was born.

10. Playboy bunny printed pants are nothing short of iconic, honestly. I’d rock them, just probably not outside the house, but I’m not as confident as her.

11. Now, this one is a little confusing considering the fact that the little girl seems to be dressed to weather a storm and her mother is dressed like it’s 80 degrees out.

12. Petticoats are the bomb and if you’ve never worn one, you’re definitely missing out! If I owned this dress, I’d probably wear it to buy some ketchup, too!

13. In 2017, distressed fishnets are in so this lady was clearly ahead of the times! I’m a little envious that she can walk in those shoes though. They are nothing short of Intense.

14. Yet another person ahead of the fashion game! Crop tops made a major comeback in the past two to three years and this man is on trend with his low rise hipsters and cropped tee.

15. Haven’t we all been through a goth/emo/scene phase like this? Granted, I would expect to see her at Hot Topic and not Walmart, but hey! You can find goth fashion anywhere if you’re dedicated.

16. Nowhere else but Walmart could you find a Hugh Jackman doppelganger in a cheetah print racerback tank top.

17. I have an outfit just like this and let me tell you it is real comfortable. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, obviously, this person knows what summer fashion is about!

18. I’m telling you that Walmart is full of some really great trendsetters, like this young man who is wearing his shirt backward as a statement. It actually looks pretty cool!

19. I’m preeeeettyy sure this woman just came from an anime convention of some sort, or if she didn’t then good for her for dressing up on a random day!

20. I don’t really have a good reason for this, but this woman greatly reminds me of Lunette from the Big Comfy Couch and I genuinely believe I could only meet her at Walmart.

21. Listen, Betty Boop pajamas are always a good choice. If you’ve never worn your pajamas out of the house at least once in your life, can you really say you’re living?

Walmart21 - Copy - Copyflickr

22. This Walmart shopper is giving me all types of Cruella De Vil living her best life kind of vibes and I am here for it.

23. Joanne the Scammer, is that you? I didn’t think you’d shop at Walmart!

Walmart23 - Copy (2) flickr

24. Okay, if you’ve never looked up the Japanese fashion trend ‘lolita’ then you might be confused looking at this next photo. But, essentially, both of these Walmart shoppers are lolita lovers!

25. There is something a little off-putting and confusing about a dog wearing a diaper. But also there’s a dog wearing a diaper in Walmart and that is pretty liminal if you ask me.

Walmart25 - Copy - Copyflickr

26. Americans are pretty well-known for being patriotic but only at Walmart could you find someone in a two piece American flag set.

27. Don’t sleep on these trendsetters Walmart! It’s a big thing to wear pants under your shorts now, just ask Nike. This person was ahead of the game.

28. If you’re about to go deep-sea diving but you forgot some snacks, where else would you go other than Walmart, right?


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