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28 Unique People You’ll Only Meet At Walmart

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Body shaming is a pretty real thing in our society and though we believe that no one should be ashamed of the things they wear or how they look, there are definitely some people out there with interesting taste.

If you’ve ever heard of liminal spaces, we could probably make the argument that Walmart falls into that category. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a liminal space is essentially a place that exists outside of the “tried and true” and often feels like an alternate universe of sorts.

So, if you’ve ever walked into a Walmart and felt as if you’ve entered a completely separate universe, well that just might be why.

Scroll down to find 28 of the most carefree and confident people you can only meet at Walmart.

1. Hey, an all-white outfit is always a good choice, and who doesn’t want to wear a panda hat? Kudos to her!

2. There’s nothing wrong with going into Walmart after a day at the pool or the beach in our opinion, but we understand it can look a little odd.


3. Hey, if rompers for men are making a comeback then why not pink leggings too? If he doesn’t mind showing his undies to the world then more power to him.

4. Nothing wrong with showing a little pride for your favorite sports team while wearing pink shorts!

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