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Jonah Hill Looks Almost Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair And A Beard For New Movie Role

The new Gus Van Sant film, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot, stars Joaquin Phoenix as Portland cartoonist John Callahan. Callahan, who was an alcoholic, was disabled in an auto accident at age 21. Later in life, he sought help and overcame his addiction. The film also stars an almost unrecognizable Jonah Hill as Callahan’s sponsor, Donny.

Donny, as Jonah Hill plays him, is a far cry from some of his other roles. Mostly known for starring in Judd Apatow produced films such as Superbad and Knocked Up, Jonah Hill has since been making his way into more prestigious grounds, such as 2011’s Moneyball and 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street.

Donny, an openly gay trust fund kid, is the leader of Callahan’s Alcoholics Anonymous group. A flamboyant and optimistic individual, Donny forms a bond with Callahan over time. The near unrecognizable Jonah Hill has received praise for his work in the role since the film premiered at this year’s Sundance festival.

Jonah Hill was spotted on set in costume. It’s really hard to believe that this was the same guy who had so much trouble with girls in Superbad.

In the Van Sant film, Donnie and John Callahan form a bond through the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings they both attend. Donnie constantly reminds Callahan “just drink water.”

The unrecognizable Jonah Hill has had his appearance in the film compared to Kurt Cobain. It must be those long blonde locks, a look that is fairly new to Hill.

Some people on Twitter couldn’t even believe how different Jonah Hill looked, with one user convinced that there had to be more than one of him out in the world.

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