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24 Unusual Cars That Will Be Remembered Even by Those Who Don’t Understand Anything About Them

Unusual Cars have a funny way of branding themselves into our memories. Whether we see them in a parade line, or at a Wal-Mart parking lot, occasionally an unusual car will also make its way into your own neighborhood!

A lot of people have many fun memories about unusual cars. They can be your first car when you drove off to college. That first car you had when you lost your… convictions. Or even the car your Aunt Tess used to drive you and your sister to the beach during the summer months. Every car has a fantastic story to tell. However, every so often there will be a car so magnificent, so interesting, so extraordinary, you can’t help but stop and want to snap a few photos.

You’ll remember them for all time, even if you don’t completely understand anything about them. The following 24  unusual cars, weird cars, strange cars, banana cars, and crazy cars will dazzle even mild car enthusiasts. Vroom Vroom! Here we goooooo!

1) Fresh Made Coffee Here: This is a traveling VW Bug Cafe! Are you kidding me? This little vehicle is absolutely adorable. A drop-down chalk menu displays the options available for morning coffee, including that all too trendy Nitro Cold Brew. They can make Americanos, Espressos, and offer pour-over drip coffee. This car is welcome to come park in our parking lot every morning if they want! How awesome would that be? I want a traveling cafe in my neighborhood! Just think of how awesome it would be to have a venue of some kind that isn’t anywhere near a coffee shop. No problem, just call up the mobile cafe.

2) A Swollen Porsche: This Porsche looks like it is having a severe allergic reaction! This is an art installation and a critique of the sleek designs that Porsche is usually known for, replaced with this rather engorged-looking monstrosity. Perhaps this may be a critique of the wealthy or the idea that such a vehicle is a gluttonous use of money. Who knows.


3) The Car That Children Designed: This truck / RV / whatever this is, is quite an unusual car that looks like it was designed by a child then magically brought to life. It’s hysterical to think of how beat up and shabby it looks. Would this vehicle even run? Is it capable of driving on the highway? Just look at those wheels! They look like they might fall off the axels at any second!


4) Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: This van found in the united kingdom looks like it is a giant chia-pet! It’s covered in faux moss on virtually every surface imaginable. This would definitely be an unforgettable show-stopping vehicle to see just randomly parked somewhere outside. Our question is, how on earth do they wash this kind of vehicle? Wouldn’t all the mud get stuck in the grass? Who knows! Either way what a fun looking car!

5) It’s Not Blood: This guy had his car painted to look like blood and coincidentally was pulled over for it. The detailed paint was so real that it fooled police officers who we believe gave him a citation for it. Sometimes it’s okay to paint and detail your car. It’s not okay to be completely gruesome in public for it! This isn’t so much one of those unusual cars as it is a cringe-worthy mistake!

6) The Banana Car: Beep Beep! Here comes the Banana car! Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time! This is such a fun vehicle. A custom made banana car is what the world needs right now. We love these kinds of unusual cars! They are so much fun. This is definitely the kind of car you’d see rolling down the road one day and it literally makes your entire life better! You’ll scream “BANANA CAR!” like a lunatic. Heck yes. Banana car.

7) Pikachu-Mobile: This decked out Pokemon SUV is made to look like a giant Pikachu. What can easily be recognized as one of the world’s most iconic modern cartoon characters, Pikachu has won the hearts of many people. Seeing a vehicle like this would brighten anyone’s day! We wonder if it’s capable of shocking people!?

8) Crazy Chili Man: This unusual car is featured at a chili cook-off. The car looks like it just ate a ghost pepper and is zooming away trying to find cold water to cool off its tongue! How fun would it be to sit inside this unusual car on route to whatever destination you’re headed to? Of course, it would be terribly inappropriate to drive this vehicle to a funeral.


9) Saggy Tires: This car looks exhausted. Seriously, how on earth does this thing even drive down the road? This can’t be even roadworthy, can it? This souped-up hot rod features obnoxiously low bumpers, outrageously large mufflers, and wheels that are so misshapen, they might take out cyclists riding in the bike lanes. We aren’t even sure if this thing looks cool. It just looks…ridiculous. What an unusual car!

10) The Telephone Car: This marvel of a vehicle is quite literally an old telephone. The only visible windows are located on the sides of the car. Perhaps the black on the front is actually see-through acrylic, but in the light, it just looks like a shiny black surface. Other than being in a parade, we hardly see how this vehicle can be operated on the road! It sure is fun to look at though!

11) The Lobster-Mobile: This is such an amazing feat. What an astonishingly unusual car! This truck is likely located in a coastal New England town, perhaps outside of a restaurant or fishing company that specializes in Lobster. It does, however, appear to be in desperate need of a car wash. Is it possible to even wash a vehicle like this?

12) The Ply-mouth: This old Plymouth vehicle was given a mouth and a hysterical light-up cigarette. It gives the illusion that this vehicle has come alive! It’s anthropomorphic enough already to look like it has a face, but this car owner added teeth inside the bumper and even wired up a cigarette to light-up at will to give the illusion of being smoked. I wouldn’t be surprised if this car had a built-in fog machine to expel the ‘smoke.’ Fun!


13) This Tiny, Tiny Car: This man is posing next to what can only be considered as the world’s smallest car. Seriously, this unusual car is so small that you have to wonder how you even get inside. This is almost as small as one of those toy Hot-Mobiles you get your children. At least you’d never have to worry about finding a parking space with this thing!

14) The Upside-Down Car: This man prides himself on having built a completely upside-down unusual car! It looks as though it has been flipped in a horrible car accident, but in reality, it’s a completely roadworthy vehicle. However, it’s lack of rearview mirrors may suggest that it isn’t completely safe to drive. However, look how fun it is! Yay!

15) The ??? Car: When it comes to unusual cars this vehicle takes the cake. We aren’t even exactly sure what this thing is. It may even take a moment to realize that the windshield has a tri-wiper blade mechanism in the middle of the glass. The back end of this vehicle looks like a giant megaphone, suggesting that this is some kind of party-noise-making car!

16) The Racecar Of The Future: Get your mind out of the gutter! It’s not that kind of car! This unusual car is actually a racecar of some kind, although the safety concerns revolving around a high-speed impact make this probably one of the most unsafe racing cars ever. Its sleek but absurdist design makes for an interesting conversation piece at least!

17) The Police-Limo: This limousine has been decked out to look like a large police cruiser. We have no idea if this is actually owned by any valid police department, but it’s a fun novelty that’s bound to make a splash at any police officer’s wedding, or perhaps even at an overprotective father’s first experience with sending his daughter to the prom! Either way, this is one police cruiser we’d love to be in the back end of!

18) Fuzzy-Interior: This unusual car looks like it has an infection. These fuzzy orange interiors look less inviting than the owner must realize. This car is seriously decked out from floor to ceiling in fuzzy orange fur. How many Lorax donated this fur to make it? The green mossy exterior is not to be ignored either.

19) Stuffed Animal Problem: This vehicle is less entertaining than it is frightening. No doubt a hand-made delight of some creeper down the street, this vehicle looks as though the owner is a crazed hoarder of some kind. What’s worse, is how dirty these animals will get over time. They cannot be simply washed. Yikes!


20) A Princess Car: This car is fit for a princess. It’s even got its own pool-noodle crown! To say this person went overboard with decorations is an understatement. The glitter-lips, printed-off eyes, and high-heel decals are our favorite part of this vehicle. The flowers are also a delightful touch. Perhaps the twist here is that this car is driven by a 7’ tall tattooed biker dude.


21) Theft-Prevention: This person decided to take their brand new Volkswagen Van and give it rusted decals to give it the appearance of looking very, very old. The rust is quite convincing looking. This would allow you to park in the dankest of locales and not have to worry about anyone breaking into your car.

22) The Year-Round Halloween Prankster: Everyone has seen one of these cars at some point in their lives. The worst part about it, however, is that it is no longer a unique fad, but one that is rampant in every major city. To make matters worse, many people neglect to take it out of their trunk, well after the Halloween season. This then becomes a gruesome year-round decoration that we WISH we could forget.

23) Stormtrooper Jeep: Star Wars fans everywhere can unite with this unusual car! This Jeep SUV is designed to look like an original stormtrooper helmet, complete with ventilation and the traditional black eye sockets. You can almost hear the imperial march playing in the background when this bad boy drives down the road!

24) The Motorcycle/Car Thing: This incredibly bizarre-shaped vehicle is so small even your arms can’t fully fit inside. Likely built on top of an old motorcycle, this vehicle requires the driver to wear a helmet. This whacky road vehicle looks like it could definitely catch your eye, as it doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s like an unusual car having an existential crisis. Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? Is it a motorcar?


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