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8 Strange Rules All Disney World Employees Have To Follow


Disney World is a destination that children the world over beg to go to. It is magical a place where our favorite characters live. Such as:

  • Cindrella
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck

The place may be a great vacation destination for families, but it takes a lot of work and effort to get the place running smoothly.

In fact, the employees have to abide by some strange rules. Here are 8 weird rules that Disney World staff must follow.

First off, these aren’t just ’employees.’ The characters of Disney World are all known as cast members. When you are playing Cindrella all day, you are an actress.

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Once you are cast, you can say goodbye to your favorite social media apps. Cast members are forbidden to discuss their job online.


Autograph training is a thing here. Each character has an iconic signature that needs to look the same every time. This is so the autograph remains consistent no matter who plays the character. Although the characters may be played by different people over the years, the signature remains the same.

3Flickr / apercevoir

Not everyone can be a Disney Princess. There are restrictions for the character. The princess must be between 5’4 and 5’8. If you are shorter than that, then you can play Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling or Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

4tumblr / @anotherdisney

Image is everything at Disney World. You must look your part in order to convince the children around you. Guys who have facial hair must keep it trimmed.While the ladies, must have natural nails at all times. In addition, no tattoos or piercings are allowed. Only traditional ear piercings are allowed on female cast members.

5Oh My Disney

When there is a pile of barf on the ground, Disney cast members must use a code word to alert a cleaner. They call this ‘Code V’ or a ‘protein spill’.

If a guest happens to ask for directions, a cast member is not allowed to point using one finger. Pointing with one finger is seen as rude in some cultures. Instead, the cast members point with two fingers. This method is also easier for kids to see.

Ever wonder why these characters are happy all of the time? It’s because they have to be. Cast members are not allowed to frown or have bad posture.


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