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16 Toilets That Definitely Need An Explanation

We’ve all been there, to the bar or club with an unusual bathroom. You know, the bathroom where the toilet is indiscernible from the sink. Do you wash your hands here or do you pee here?

The dark, moody lighting doesn’t help a bit either. Neither does your inebriated state.

But the club isn’t the only space reserved for unusual toilets. Countries like Japan, which is renowned for its technological ingenuity, or oddly themed restaurants like to have fun with their bathroom design, sometimes to the detriment of their guests.

This list is a collection of the 16 most unusual toilets I could find on the internet. They come from all over the world and they definitely need further explanation.

1. The Tuba Urinal: Let’s hope they don’t ever use their tubas in an orchestra again.

2. Sacrilegious: You’re definitely going to hell if you use this urinal.

3. Red Lips: There is definitely something disturbing about relieving yourself into a wide open mouth. Unless you’re into that sorta thing. On the plus side, these urinals won a bunch of design awards. 

4. Traffic stop: Watering holes love to find new and interesting ways to refurbish used or broken items. Take this old traffic cone for example.

5.  The two seater:  It’s difficult to say what the inspiration behind this toilet is. Maybe it’s because there was a lack of space. Either way, this would be one very comfortable dump.

6. Paper toilet bowl: If there is one thing you won’t be short of when using this toilet, it’s toilet paper.

7. Toilet fish bowl: These fish have seen some seriously disturbing things. Luckily fish have incredibly short memories.

8. Disco fever: This decadent looking toilet seat is located in a Persian nightclub. Obviously.

9. On the go: When you gotta go, you gotta go. But what do you do if you gotta go, when you gotta go? Well, you might want to invest in one of these.

10. 3 Pointer: Are you going to go in for a layup or try for the 3-pointer? Either way, things may get a little messy.

11. Footprints: At least you know where to stand with this toilet. Although, I don’t really this this is that sanitary. Just be sure to wash your shoes when you’re done.

12. Top of the world: If you wanted a better metaphor for what corporate America is doing to the middle class, look no further than this picture.

13. The Toilet Office: When you gotta get some business done when you are in the middle of some real, smelly business.

14. Serenity: Find your inner calm with this natural, albeit unusual toilet. Although, you might want to ditch your shoes before using this one.

15. RoboUrinal: There are microprocessors in almost everything these days. Heck, even out toasters have microchips in them now. Why not a urinal, too?

16. Spread Eagle: One of the most popular burlesque dance moves made into urinal form. Unusal? Yes. Appropriate? No.


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