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Upset Mother Helps Son With Homework On Islam, Does Not Get The Response She Wanted

Although we’ve taken some baby steps forward in the direction of acceptance and respect for all people and their beliefs, there are definitely some people who are still having a hard time getting there. Californian mother Tara Cali became distraught when she discovered that her son was learning about Islam in his seventh-grade class.

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Her son had been given a homework assignment on the five pillars of Islam. The paper also contained a QR code that when scanned, the student could listen to a Muslim call to prayer from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

When Tara saw the material she became extremely angry and wrote a note to the teacher that said that her son would not be taking any part in the lesson. ‘This is bad teaching material,’ she wrote. ‘If you have a problem with it call our Lawyer.’

Tara decided that she was also going to post the photo to Facebook. I suppose she thought that people would agree with her. But when she updated the photo and it went viral, it wasn’t for the reason she was expecting. Tara quickly learned that she might be the one with the issues, not the lesson plan.

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