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16 Little-Known Tricks That Are Very Useful In Every Airport

In the exciting time of traveling, it can be met with obstacles and levels of concern before you ultimately reach your final destination. From the process of planning to packing, and even being at the airport itself, you will encounter things that you may find are making it a not so relaxing time for you.

With experience, you will learn what works and what doesn’t in your travel experience, and adjust accordingly. Although we can never exactly plan too perfectly, there are things that we can certainly do to ensure our travel experience is easier and more efficient. It is something that in time you can master, and will result in your travels becoming overall more enjoyable. After all, we are looking for a relaxing and easier time, and shouldn’t be faced with hurdles that we can definitely avoid.

Today, we explore 16 little-known tricks that are very useful in every airport, and for your time of travel. Even though there are things that happen along the way that are a little unpredictable, considering these travel tricks will undoubtedly expedite your travel process and experience and can be carried along with you in all of your future trip planning to come.

1. Use Travel Kits/Cubes To Conserve Space In Your Luggage
Packing is definitely a tricky part of the travel experience and should be prioritized in advance. You don’t want to be stuck last minute at home removing things from your luggage, or even worse, at the airport. Getting travel kits/cubes can help condense the space that your belongings will take, and help fit everything efficiently. From shower products to makeup, to clothes, this will give you a better idea as to the space you’re working with before you start to cram everything into your luggage. It’s important to be cautious and considerate of weight as well, to avoid any overweight fees upon arrival.

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2. You Can Take Up To 3 Oz’s Of Liquid On Board, Including Alcohol
This is something that many people are confused about when considering what to bring with them on their flight. You are in fact allowed to bring 3 ozs of liquids on board with you, which includes water, juice, alcohol, or any other liquid. The volume will be calculated by employees when you arrive, so it’s important to be aware of how much you’re bringing ahead of time, to avoid confiscation. The one and only exception is baby food, which can be included in larger amounts, only if you travel with the child. It’s important to note that although alcohol is permitted, it is prohibited to be consumed while on the flight, as it can lead to potentially dangerous circumstances.

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3. Consider Late Night Flights For Easier Travel Experiences
Statistics show that during late night flights, there are fewer passengers and fewer travelers with kids. Naturally, we’ve all had experiences with babies and children crying or making noise, that kept us from resting on flights. At night, flights are also less delayed, and your wait-time in lines will be condensed. There is also a lower level of turbulence because the air is fresher at night and there is no sunshine either.

4. Choose Your Seat Ahead Of Time On Your Airline’s Website
Your airline’s website will always include a seating map, and though it may come at an extra cost to book in advance, it would be wise if you require special seating or have a certain preference. Emergency exit seats will have more leg space, as well as the seats at the very front or end of the aircraft. Children are also usually sat in the front, where flight attends first begin their service of food and drinks. Additionally, the jolting is less in the middle of the airplane, and the seemingly endless line for the washroom is usually going on at the back of the plane if that is something that can potentially bother you.

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