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12 Useful Features In Everyday Objects That Most People Don’t Know

#1 Odyssey Online Odyssey Online

There are so many things that we have no clue about (unless you really pay attention to detail). Or unless you really cared to research every little thing that doesn’t make much sense to you. 

For example, have you ever really wondered why wine bottles come with that indent at the bottom? Or have you ever really stopped and wondered why winter hats actually have bobbles on the top? It’s not just for style purposes.

Turns out, there are tons of things around us on a regular basis that actually have hidden functions behind them. They’re not there for no reason. They actually have a purpose and we’re here to tell you a few of them.

After you check out these 12  items, you’ll never look at them the same way again.

1. You’ve probably noticed the indent in the base of wine bottles. That’s to control the pressure while corking.

2. Why do tape measures have small holes at the end? It wasn’t a mistake. That hole is used to hook into nails or screws.

3. The bobble on your winter hat isn’t just a fashion trend. Historically, it was used to protect sailors when they bashed their heads.

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