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4 Useful Tools From A Lighter That Have Never Been Seen Before


Everyone has probably used a lighter at some point in their life. Whether it be to light some candles on a cake, or to start up a camp fire, there are several uses humans have for these little handheld fire starters.

The most common use for them is the obvious–to light a cigarette or cigar–but they can also be used on camping trips, and in survival situations. 

However, what if I were to tell you that there are some pretty neat uses for your lighter that you may not have known about before? YouTube user LXG Design came up with some fun tools that you can make using a lighter. Some of them are pretty useful in a pinch, and others are more for fun and experimentation. 

Here are 4 things that you can do with a lighter you may not have thought about before. These are all pretty dangerous and risky, so do not try these at home under any circumstances. This article is purely for informational purposes: after you read it, you’ll walk away with some pretty unique knowledge on what you can do with lighters.  

1. Hot Glue Gun: Doing an art project or an assignment but don’t have a hot glue gun? No worries! You can make one using a lighter and a few other materials you most likely have lying around your house. First, you’re going to need the metal tip of a pen. Then you’re going to use two pieces of wire to secure it to the pen cap like this. Use pliers to bend the wire into shape. 

After the pen cap is secured, find a popsicle stick and snip off the rounded end. Punch two holes big enough for the wire ends to poke through so that the pen cap is secured to the stick  like this: 

Next, heat the end of a hot glue stick and use the melted glue to attach your lighter to the stick like so. Make sure the pen cap is bent directly over the flame.

Now, when you flick your lighter, you can push a hot glue gun through the wide end of the pen cap, and it will melt and come out on the other side.

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