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12 Pieces Of Random Trivia That Are Completely Useless But You Will Want To Share


Have you ever heard a fact or a random piece of trivia that has really made you think despite it being kind of useless? The world is full of them! Some people like to make a hobby of collecting random trivia and facts. 

There is a Reddit thread compiled of a bunch of different users’ favorite random facts. From weird things about animals to surprising movie facts, there are countless random things that will surprise you and then you can share these useless facts with your friends.

Here are 12 useless facts that are actually kind of interesting.

1. According to the Scientific American, animals such as capybaras and beavers were once considered ‘fish’ by the Catholic Church, and therefore they could be eaten during Lent.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.48.07 PM

2. Here’s a pretty useless fact. The ‘ZIP’ in zip code stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The more you know.

3. Here’s a mind blowing one. Yoda and Miss Piggy have the same voice actor. If you think about it, it makes sense. They’re both controlled by the same puppeteer Frank Oz.

4. There’s a Norwegian Penguin name Sir Nils Olav and he is the honorary colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard.

5. You may be surprised to hear that the longest word in the English language with a single vowel is ‘strengths’

6. According to Ocean Today, otters will often have a ‘favourite rock’ that they store in flaps of skin. They use them for breaking open shells. So it’s basically otter cutlery!

7. According to The Washington Post, the same guy who sang ‘You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch’ voiced the original Tony the Tiger saying ‘They’re Great!’

8. Did you know that just like everyone has their own unique fingerprint, we also have our own unique tongue prints? I doubt we’ll start using that as identification anytime soon though.

9. It has been estimated that about 17% of Sweden is covered in fresh blueberries. That could result in a heck of a lot of blueberry pies and jam.

10. Have you ever been so bored you decided to count the ridges on your coins? No? Well, someone has. A quarter, for example, has 119 ridges. Fascinating.

11. This might not sound so hard to believe, but there are probably more tigers bred in captivity than in all the wild.

12. It has been estimated that there are more trees on the planet than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. 3 trillion vs. 100-400 billion.


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