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10+ Memes That Are Probably Funnier To People Who Have Vaginas

Vaginas aren’t always the easiest thing to talk about. Why do penises always get the floor? Why do they get all the funny jokes and nonchalant conversation while vagina memes freak people out?

Vagina almost always comes across as a dirty word. But I think we should stop shaming them and embrace all the struggles associated with them, not to mention the imperfections!

It’s time to stop hiding the word and embracing the fact that there are two type of reproductive organs out there, both deserving of attention. So here are some funny vagina memes to lighten the mood.

1. The struggle is real when it comes to maintenance.


2. For some reason, having a vagina doesn’t seem to be considered a pre-existing health condition requiring coverage. Because we all chose to have them.


3. Who could forget that infamous tweet from Amanda Bynes asking Drake to “murder her vagina?” This Twitter user took a poke at the actress within slightly different context; they seem to prefer food to rappers.


4. This Twitter user hits the nail right on the head with this one. There is no way you can refer to vaginas without some creep commenting on it and completely taking it out of context. 


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