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High School Valedictorian Stood Up By Her Family, But Twitter Had Her Back

Graduation Instagram

No matter the secondary school experience, high school graduation is an exciting time for teenagers. Walking across that stage is basically a metaphor to unlocking a whole new part of life.

Whatever it is one chooses to do with their life, we have the freedom to make that choice after high school and that’s what makes graduation so exciting.

Graduation is liberating and getting through those four years of high school is an accomplishment that should be celebrated amongst oneself and their family.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Jacynda Espenshad. She was actually stood up by her own family on her graduation day despite being at the top of her class.

Jacynda was Valedictorian at Jefferson High in San Antonio. She had every reason to be surrounded by those who love and support her. On the day of her graduation, she posted this heartbreaking tweet.

Thankfully, the Internet isn’t always such a horrible place! Jacynda’s tweet went viral and multiple people sent her lovely messages telling her how proud of her they were.

It’s great to see the Internet being so kind to a young woman they don’t even know.

Some even showed their support via iconic gifs, like this one of Kris Jenner

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