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Vegan Restaurant Goes Viral After Serving This

When you’re a vegan, eating out with family and friends who aren’t vegan can be pretty difficult. I mean, you’re pretty restricted on what you can order off the menu. Regardless, more and more restaurants are making it easier.

But sometimes you get those restaurants that claim they cater to vegans, only to find out that they don’t actually do that. Regardless, they try to make an effort and serve you and your vegan dietary needs and you can’t blame them for trying.

People who don’t know what being vegan means think that they literally can’t eat anything…those people couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many delicious vegan foods, desserts, and restaurants and it’s getting more and more popular in our society.

However, for one restaurant in Spain, being vegan means simply eating a leaf of lettuce. Okay, maybe not that extreme but pretty close.

This past Saturday, Gabbie Jarvis took to her social media, posting a picture of her older sister Georgina’s ‘vegan’ meal.

In a restaurant in Malaga, Georgina, 19, and her family decided to grab some food while on holiday in Spain.

Georgina decided to order a vegetarian pizza without cheese. The restaurant staff told her that the pizza had egg in it, so she decided to go for a salad instead.

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