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Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Reveals Unsettling Details About The Mass Murderer

Marilou Danley has recently revealed further details into the mind of her former partner and Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock.

When speaking with officials, Danley disclosed that Paddock would sometimes lay in bed, moaning, or would wake up screaming. NBC reports that two former FBI officials who were briefed on the matter revealed that Danley believes Paddock was displaying symptoms of mental illness.

Though nothing has been confirmed about Paddock’s mental state, officials now have reason to suspect that Paddock may have been in mental or physical pain the night he claimed the lives of nearly 60 people and injured hundreds of others. It was also revealed that Paddock had been prescribed Valium. However, due to the lack of evidence regarding Paddock’s mental state, officials are looking into his mental health but do not believe that mental illness is what led him to commit the crime, the officials said.

Officials are also investigating what happened in the final hour of Paddock’s life. Investigators discovered cameras set up in Paddock’s room, which they believe were there to warn him of any intruders or officials arriving on the scene. They have also confiscated six media devices of his, which includes gaining access to his browsing history.

It has been reported that Paddock was looking up other potential attack locations, which includes Boston and Chicago. Paddock had gone so far as to pay for a hotel room in Chicago, which he never went to.

Officials are also looking into the possibility that Paddock had accomplices and the possibility that he had tried to escape instead of taking his own life. NBC reports that Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo believes Paddock had help given the escape plan he had created, which would have been difficult to execute without assistance.

Danley’s lawyer, Matthew Lombard, has yet to give another statement.

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