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28 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

Vending machines are useful public fridges that usually have drinks or snacks available for purchase. All you have to do to receive your treat is insert some money, press a button, and it will fall into a compartment where you can grab it. The most common vending machines will sell

  • Chocolate Bars,
  • Soda,
  • Water.

They can typically be found at schools, recreation centers, or at places like malls and airports. They can definitely comes in handy and not to mention they’re fun to use. What if I were to tell you that there are vending machines that sell things other than basic drinks and snacks?

In fact, there are vending machines that sell just about anything these days! With technology advancing further each day, humans are finding more ways to make things convenient and fast. What’s more convenient than building more vending machines for that purpose? Get a load of these 28 vending machines you aren’t going to believe are real. Which one would you want to use?

1. IKEA: When working on construction projects, it can definitely be easy to misplace a few screws or bolts here and there. Rather than having to purchase entire boxes, some IKEAs offer these ‘spare parts’ vending machines.

2. Herbs: This definitely doesn’t look like it’s legal (unless you’re in Colorado). Imagine walking into a bar and seeing one of these? This would definitely be popular among high school and college students, and anyone else who likes that stuff.

3. Charge: You’d think that using this station would be free of charge, but since humans are so attached to their smart phones and other devices, 3 dollars for a thirty minute boost might just be worth it.

4. Shoes: Just a vending machine in the middle of the street selling sneakers. Maybe you went out wearing sandals and then decided halfway through your date that you wanted to go play tennis. Hey, it could happen! And if it did, this vending machine would be perfect.

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