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28 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

Vending machines are useful public fridges that usually have drinks or snacks available for purchase. All you have to do to receive your treat is insert some money, press a button, and it will fall into a compartment where you can grab it. The most common vending machines will sell

  • Chocolate Bars,
  • Soda,
  • Water.

They can typically be found at schools, recreation centers, or at places like malls and airports. They can definitely comes in handy and not to mention they’re fun to use. What if I were to tell you that there are vending machines that sell things other than basic drinks and snacks?

In fact, there are vending machines that sell just about anything these days! With technology advancing further each day, humans are finding more ways to make things convenient and fast. What’s more convenient than building more vending machines for that purpose? Get a load of these 28 vending machines you aren’t going to believe are real. Which one would you want to use?

1. IKEA: When working on construction projects, it can definitely be easy to misplace a few screws or bolts here and there. Rather than having to purchase entire boxes, some IKEAs offer these ‘spare parts’ vending machines.

2. Herbs: This definitely doesn’t look like it’s legal (unless you’re in Colorado). Imagine walking into a bar and seeing one of these? This would definitely be popular among high school and college students, and anyone else who likes that stuff.

3. Charge: You’d think that using this station would be free of charge, but since humans are so attached to their smart phones and other devices, 3 dollars for a thirty minute boost might just be worth it.

4. Shoes: Just a vending machine in the middle of the street selling sneakers. Maybe you went out wearing sandals and then decided halfway through your date that you wanted to go play tennis. Hey, it could happen! And if it did, this vending machine would be perfect.

5. Barbie: Now this is definitely aimed at the kids. It’s right at their level and it’s full of barbie dolls and outfits. If you were a little girl this would be the most tempting thing ever and you probably would have begged your parents for some coins.

6 Bike: I wonder how many bikes can fit inside this vending machine. Do you think it’s a bike rental or you actually get to keep it? If you don’t get to keep it, how does it prevent stealing? I have so many questions.

7. Umbrella: Despite what the songs say, no one really likes getting caught in the rain. It ruins hair, clothing, and makes travelling all the more inconvenient. Especially if you find yourself without an umbrella. Having machines like these during rainy seasons would definitely come in handy.

8. Bait: For fishermen, seeing one of these might be pretty common. But it definitely kind of makes you wonder just exactly what is inside that machine. Who puts it in?

9. LEGO: Here is another vending machine that is bound to get some kids pulling on their parents shirt sleeves. There’s something so fun about shopping in different and interactive ways.

10. iPod:  You know, just a casual iPod vending machine-for those days when you quickly need a brand new iPod. Looks like it also sells some accessories. I guess this would be one way to know you’re getting a legit product without having to go to the apple store.

11. Hot Dog: Would you trust this machine to make you a hot dog? If you think about it, there really isn’t much to putting together a basic hot dog. As long as this machine is cleaned regularly, and the ingredients are replaced daily, it could be pretty good.

12. Eggs: This isn’t actually a machine where you can watch hens lay eggs. This is just clever advertising. I wonder if you can actually purchase eggs from the machine still.

13. Soccer Balls: I wonder how many kids ended up walking out of this place with a new ball because of this clever vending machine. This would be a smart one to have at parks and rec centers. 

14. Pizza: You saw the hot dog machine, now how about a pizza machine? For this one you can choose the toppings and have a personal pizza delivered hot and fresh. Dream come true or nightmare fuel?

15. Sephora: Makeup is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and one of the most popular places to shop for products is Sephora. However, this can often mean facing a jam packed store with long lines just to replace your mascara. Handy vending machines like this one could totally solve that problem.

16. Safety First: Too many people get hurt simply because they’re not following a typical safety rule. This machine promotes safety and is a great idea for places with lots of commuters such as Japan.

17. Socks: You know, just in case your feet get wet or you forget a change of socks for going to the gym. Seriously, more things should start getting sold in vending machines.

18, Poutine Machine: More hot food vending machines! It’s hard to say how fresh these meals will taste but there’s only one way to find out. Would you try a poutine that was made in a machine?

19. Pokemon: With the popularity of Pokemon Go last summer, there hasn’t been this much attention around the pocket monsters since the late nineties. Now that it’s back and  bigger than ever, couldn’t you see vending machines like this being super popular? For people of all ages!

20. Feminine Products: Ladies, how many times would something like this have come in handy for you over the years? Chances are you have found yourself somewhere without any supplies, and the machines in the bathroom are always empty or broken.

21. Smart Car: This has got to be the largest vending machine yet! You can actually purchase a smart car? I wonder how much money you’d have to put in if you were paying in cash. My guess is that this machine probably takes credit.

22. Bags: In case you want a purse last minute. Can you imagine if this was what all stores were like in the future? That would be a ton of people out of work.

23. Pharmacy: They should have machines like this outside of pharmacy’s like Shoppers Drugmart so that people can have access to toiletries at all hours of the night.

24. Bananas: Japan is known for having a large variety of vending machines that sell all kinds of things from hot coffee to ramen noodles. This machine is selling a ton of fresh bananas. Kind of weird that they’re in plastic bags considering the peel acts as a wrapper.

25. Flip Flops: This would actually be a good idea to have on a beach or at pools. Often, when people go on vacation, they forget flip flops, and sometimes having a cheap pair of flip flops is just necessary.

26. Gold: Could you imagine having enough money to use a gold vending machine? I wonder what types of things you’d be able to purchase.

27. China: This has to be a clever art installation right? If any of these dishes were to fall they would break. Perhaps there’s a special system that ensures the dishes don’t break?

28. Burrito: Last but not least, a ‘burrito box.’ This one uses a touchscreen system and looks a little bit fancier than the other ones. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I would purchase hot food from a vending machine. What about you?


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