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Venice’s Famous Canals Dry Up Due To Low Tides And No Rain

Mother Nature is up to her usual and unforgiving ways once again, and one of Europe’s most scenic cities is paying the price. The legendary canals of Venice are drying up due to the cold winter weather and lack of precipitation. The recent ‘super blue blood moon’ is to blame, leaving the ‘Queen Of The Adriatic’ looking far below its usual self, literally.

The storied waterways have seen a drop of up to 23 inches in depth, forcing gondolas to halt their romantic journeys. As the water levels decrease, the population has followed. In the last half a century, Venice’s population has dwindled from 175,000 to about 55,000 people. According to the Daily Mail, this is due to the increase in prices, the boom of tourism, challenges of supplying a car-less city, and the erosion of canal-side apartments buildings due to lapping waters.

This is now the third consecutive year where Venice has taken a hit. Just two years ago, water levels dropped 28 inches below normal, resulting in the stop of transportation by gondola and water taxis. The record was set in 1934 when an unusually low tide led to water level drops of 121 cm. The tourist hotspot faces flooding multiple times a year, disrupting everyday life functions of the ‘The City Of Water’.

Fortunately, The Grand Canal, Venice’s main traffic corridor, has remained open for water travel, diverting from smaller channels, and saving the day for the tourists who have made their way to the iconic Italian city.

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