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12 Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Be Showering At Night

The shower is a comforting, happy place where you can clean yourself and wash away the worries of your day. Everyone has different preferences for the time that they shower. Assuming that you work 9-5 (or some variation of those hours), your options are limited to morning or evening showers.

There are, of course, advantages to showering at either time. For instance, if you choose to shower in the morning you’ll go to work feeling fresh. However, there are also disadvantages to showering in the morning and you may have to find your favorite time through trial and error.

Below we’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons why showering in the evening is the best time. It all comes down to personal preferences and everyone has different ways of scheduling their day, but perhaps it will convince you to change up your routine.

1. The time you would have used up showering in the morning can instead be used to sleep in a little more (depending on how long your showers are).

2. We all wash our faces in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about feeling dirty. This way, your body is squeaky clean from the night before, and your face feels fresh.

3. If you’ve already showered the night before, you have plenty of time to plan the perfect outfit for work to ensure you’re looking your absolute best.

4. This also means that your morning routine will be a breeze and you can fly right through it. Showers can sometimes feel like an interruption.

5. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so instead of wasting your time showering in the morning, why don’t you use that precious time to fuel yourself?


6. If you hop into bed after showering, your sheets will always be clean! That means less laundry for you and that is definitely something to celebrate. 

7. If your sheets are clean and you only get into them after showering, that means that you get to enjoy them while you’re clean. It is one of the best feelings ever

8. Evening showers are one of the best ways to unwind and relax after a long day at the office. It will also help with getting your body into sleep mode by relaxing your muscles. 

9. The worst part about showering in the morning is the time limit you have under the warm water. If you shower at night, you can spend as long as you want basking in that sweetness. 

shower 9 Instagram: @pugarnold_adventures

10. Showering at night also means that you have time afterward to lay in your towel on your bed or couch which you definitely can’t do if you have to rush to work. 

11. If you live in a dorm or have roommates, you know about washroom lines in the morning. Avoid that whole mess by showering in the evening. 

shower 11 Woody Allen, Annie Hall (1977)

12. In the winter months, you wake up cold. Having to shower in the morning can be cold and uncomfortable. If you shower at night, you are already warm and you can stay warm in the shower. 


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