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This Might Be The Most Difficult Riddle On The Internet

There are some very difficult riddles on the internet, but there is one riddle that people can’t seem to figure out: If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, then what am I to Teresa? The phrasing of the riddle is brief, which is what makes it so hard to solve. Is there enough information in this very hard riddle to come up with an answer?

Actually, yes, there is! The beauty of this riddle is that it seems harder than it is because of the twisty language employed in the question. What’s the answer to this very hard riddle? Here it is: the person asking the question is Teresa’s daughter! It’s easier to understand if you phrase it like so: If Teresa’s daughter is me, what am I to Teresa?

There are many other very difficult riddles out there that are similar to this one. Typically they employ clever wording and odd phrasing in order to draw your attention away from the obvious answer. There have been riddles like this throughout history. Here are some other examples of hard to solve riddles.

This riddle about traveling to St. Ives originated in 18th century England. There appears to be a bit of math involved. What is the answer to this hard to solve riddle?

ANSWER: One. The narrator is the only person actually heading to St. Ives. The rest of the information is irrelevant. Here’s another very hard riddle that will make you think:

ANSWER: the camels are already facing each other. These very difficult riddles often present more information than is needed as misdirection. Try this one next:

ANSWER: ‘Incorrectly.’ Admittedly adding quotation marks to the question would make it that much easier. Here’s another word based riddle that might be hard to solve:

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