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Take A Look At Victoria Swarovski’s Wedding Dress Made Of 500 Thousand Crystals


Swarovski has long been heralded as one of the pinnacle jewelry stores in the world and that would explain why the heiress to the giant empire could rock a dress that featured over 500,000 crystals! Yes, you read that right, the wedding dress that Victoria Swarovski wore not only came with 500,000 crystals but also featured a 5 meter long train (a train is the tail of a wedding dress.)

The Austrian based jewelry company provided the crystals for her wedding dress.

The heiress married her longtime boyfriend Werner Murz.

The pair of newlyweds got married in a fairy tale Italian ceremony at the Hotel Falisia in Portopiccolo. The 26-year-old got married to Werner Murz who is a property investor.

Victoria Swarovski, who is also a singer, decided to wear a custom made couture wedding gown that was designed by Dubai designer, Michael Cinco.

As mentioned earlier, the dress features almost half a million crystals and is also decked out in paillettes and laser cut flowers.

The sparkly wedding dress was also adorned by a 5 meter train that was dripping and glowing with jewels. During the wedding reception, the heiress changed into two other dresses that were also studded with crystals.

The Austrian singer and heiress first changed into a silver strapless form-fitting dress and then switched into a red, jeweled high-low gown that was also designed by Michael Cinco.

In a short video that was reposted to her Instagram, she could be seen dancing and twirling in the red dress.

The caption read: ‘fitting with the super charming and gorgeous singer Victoria Swarovski… she was so happy and ecstatic that she keeps on dancing with the dress.’

The pair then honeymooned at Saint Tropez where she posted on her Instagram page: ‘can’t tell you how happy I am. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words, feel so blessed.’


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