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Man Goes To Doctor After He Feels Something Strange In His Ear, Doctor Uses Syringe To Pull The Junk Out

The human body is like a car, maintenance is important to keep everything running smoothly. This involves eating healthy, exercise, keeping up with your hygiene, and getting regular check ups at the doctor. It’s just much easier to nip something in the bud after all.

One thing a lot of people do not do properly, is clean their ears. It is pretty common knowledge that you should not be using Q-Tips to clean your ears. We all do it, but we really shouldn’t be. It can really do some damage to our ear drums and it tends to push wax back into the ear rather than taking it out.


The best way to get your ears cleaned is to go to the doctors. However, by the time people reach the doctors their ears are pretty nasty shape. Ear wax is caused by hair, dirt, dead cells, and pretty much anything that can get in there. When wax builds up a lot, it can be really uncomfortable.

This man’s ears were bothering him, so he did the smart thing and went to the doctor. One way that doctors try to get rid of ear wax is by pumping a syringe of water into the ear canal and then they suction out all the stuff that should not be in there. The stuff that was coming out of this guy’s ear was so jaw-dropping they had to take a video!

The doctor performed the ear irrigation on him and the footage of it is shocking. Of course, the internet loves videos like this and it quickly went viral after it was posted on YouTube.  

This is a very graphic video, and can be a test to even the most seasoned veterans of nasty YouTube videos. The ear irrigation is 50 seconds of them continuously pulling out wax, mold, dirt, and nightmares from this man’s ear. It will leave you wondering how he was able to hear at all with what seems like pounds of ear wax in his ear.

A person that is present for the ear irrigation that launched a thousand nightmares, chimes in to say: “Post this on YouTube, people love this stuff.” They weren’t wrong. Now go clean your ears, NOT with Q-tips.


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