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GoPro Video Shows Disturbing Hit-And-Run Accident Between Truck And Cyclist

In a terrifying video that surfaced on Facebook, a dean of the University of Nashville was caught striking a cyclist with his truck and driving away. Marshall Grant Neely III, 58, was recently captured by police and charged for hitting Tyler Noe, 23.

At 11 AM on a Sunday morning, Noe and his friend Greg Goodman (who captured the footage) were cycling on a stretch of road at Natchez Trace Parkway, located in Williamson County. The shocking video starts with Noe and Goodman biking along the bicycle-designated route when a white truck passes them. Everything looks fine until a second car, a black Volvo, strikes Noe and sends him flying off his bike. Noe immediately stands up and cleans himself up, visibly shaken.

The charges against Neely include leaving the scene of an accident, failure to immediately notify an accident, failure to render aid and reckless endangerment. Luckily, Noe didn’t sustain any life-threatening injuries. Goodman confirmed that he is ‘going to be okay.’

After the accident, Goodman posted the video on Facebook where it went viral. He captioned it with: ‘Three hours ago this person intentionally hit my friend Tyler Noe on Natchez Trace. We had a witness behind us who said he has seen this same Volvo try to hit someone else last week. Tyler is at the hospital and doing ok. He is one TOUGH DUDE.’

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