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Vienna Girardi, ‘Bachelor’ Alum, Suffers Heartbreaking Loss Of Twin Daughters

Vienna Girardi, an alum from the Bachelor, has suffered the incredible loss of her unborn twin daughters. In mid-June, Girardi had announced that she was expecting twins in her current pregnancy and that she could not be more excited. In August, she followed up with an adorable post talking about baking for her gender reveal party and how excited she was before announcing that she would be having twin baby girls.

Her daughters were considered monochorionic diamniotic, which means that they shared a placenta and nutrients. It’s a condition that must be monitored closely by a woman’s obstetrician to ensure that one child does not take more nutrients from the other (a process which is called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome). For this reason, Girardi was having bi-weekly checkups with her doctors.

Unfortunately, during one of these appointments, doctors did confirm that Girardi’s twins were suffering from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. “This is the hardest thing I’ve had to write,” Girardi began. “On Aug 3rd I went in for an ultrasound because the Perinatologist noticed one of my twins had more fluid than the other which is the first sign of TTS.”

Only about 15% of twins who share a placenta and nutrients wind up developing twin-to-twin syndrome, but it is something that needs to be closely monitored as it can become dangerous for mother and babies. Girardi’s doctors believed that there were slight improvements with her twins, but unfortunately, Girardi’s water broke later that evening.

“I spent the next two days in the hospital trying everything to save them,” Girardi wrote. “The doctors warned me that if I did not go into labor and deliver the babies, I was taking the chance of risking my own life and causing an infection in my uterus but they could not survive at only eighteen weeks.”

Girardi states again that she did everything she could to save her children but their hearts stopped beating on August 5th and she went into septic shock with a 104-degree fever. Girardi spent four days in the hospital after surgery and made the decision to donate her baby girls to science in hopes of helping doctor’s find a better treatment for TTS.

“This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life but I knew my little girls were in Heaven already and the pain I feel, I would never want any other mother to ever feel.” She thanks everyone for their kind words during this hard time but hopes her fans will respect her privacy. We offer our deepest condolences to Girardi as she mourns the loss of her children.

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