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Vin Diesel And Gal Gadot Took A Photo With Their Daughters And It Will Melt Your Heart

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We’re pretty sure that by now everyone knows who Gal Gadot is. You know, she’s the face that you’re seeing anywhere and everywhere for her role as Wonder Woman. She’s also technically Wonder Woman in real life. The girl is seriously taking over.

We’re also pretty sure that most of you, if not all of you, have heard of the name Vin Diesel. He’s that guy that’s in all the Fast & Furious movies among other roles as well. He’s also known for his movie XXX.

But did you guys know that Gal Gadot and Vin Diesel go way back? That’s right. Before Gal made her mark in the superhero world, she had a role in the franchise for three movies: Fast & Furious, FastFive and Fast & Furious 6.

While both have been high on success these past few months, a recent photo is what is grabbing everyone’s attention.

The picture shows Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot relaxed with their families in the Hollywood Hills with both their daughters in each of their arms.

The 49-year-old actor shared the photo on social media, captioning it: “When we aren’t playing superheroes…All love.”

Diesel was holding his nine-year-old daughter Hania, while Gadot, 32, was bottle-feeding her three-month-old daughter Maya.

Both former co-stars were dressed very casually in the photo. Diesel was sporting a white polo shirt with light plaid shorts, and Israeli beauty Gadot wore a floral gown with her hair pushed back.

Gadot also has a five-year-old daughter Alma with her husband, Yaron Versano, while Diesel has two other kids with girlfriend Paloma Jimenez.

So far, these two have been having an amazing summer, promoting each of their films that have become incredibly successful. Especially in a hit-or-miss season at the box office.

This pic really shows a different side to these two actors who always play “tough guys” in their movie roles. We honestly can’t stop staring at this pic, it’s so humble.


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