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Photos From The 50s Show How Babies Traveled On Airplanes In The Past

When you’re about to board an airplane, there are a few types of passengers that you’re most likely crossing your fingers don’t get seated next to you. These usually include someone experiencing airsickness, someone who’s over talkative, or the classic screaming baby.  

 However, perhaps we should not be judging the parents or scowling at these uncomfortable babies. Oftentimes parents are forced to carry their baby in their laps or pay for an additional ticket so their child can rest on a seat (and we all know how uncomfortable, and small, those seats can be). 


Have you ever wondered how babies used to fly on airplanes back in the day? The result might surprise you. These images from British Overseas Airways Corporation, that date back to the 1920’s, depict how life was like in the air.

Back in the day, BOAC created “skycots” which were essentially a hanging bed or hammock that attached to the luggage compartment to allow the tiny travelers to stretch out and ride in comfort.

We know you might be wondering how that could possibly be safe, but, according to regulations, parents had to hold their child during take-off and landing, and then babies could be placed in the hammocks for the remainder of long flights.  

The design of the cot prevented the tots from falling out, and also allowed the parent to stretch out and relax while constantly being able to keep watch of their baby.


This practice has continued into current day for certain airlines, though the similar bedding is usually attached to the bulkhead instead. Perhaps it’s time to get these “skycots” back in service! We wonder if they’d be able to make an adult size. But, until then, happy flying – and try not to get too aggravated with tired parents and their cranky babies.

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