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28 Weird Vintage Photos That Prove History Was Messed Up


Human history is a weird thing to look back on. As generations go on, sights from the past confuse and amaze just as much as if we were seeing things that we now take for granted. The technology we use every day would seem like magic to them, while hardly any of us have experienced things like:

  • War on the same scale,
  • Circus popularity,
  • Alcohol prohibition.

To us, these things seem like movie creations, that no one would ever experience in real life. Yet, they existed and still haunt our history to this day. The photographic evidence of the past is freaky, weird and troubling, even though those who lived through it didn’t think so. To put our ideals and norms onto it is unfair to the people who dealt with it on a daily basis.

But, it’s still fun to look back at some of the weirdest moments in our history. Here are 28 photos that show the world in a much different state: 

1. Walter Yeo was one of the first people to receive a facial skin transplant, taken from other areas of his body. He was wounded while in the Navy in World War I, leaving him with massive facial damage.

2. The remnants of Madame Tussaud’s wax museum after a fire destroyed much of the building and many of the sculptures.


3. The police testing new bulletproof vests in 1923. It looks a little dangerous with no additional protection.

4. James Brock pouring acid into his motel pool while black protesters use it. The swimmers were jailed, but the Civil Rights Act was passed the very next day.

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