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This Viral Video Can Crash Your iPhone Or iPad Within Seconds

If you have a prankster in your group of friends, it’s probably best to avoid opening any video links you receive on iMessage. A five-second video has been circulating around the Apple world that causes iPhones and iPods to crash within seconds of viewing.

The glitch came to light after Reddit users found a bug that will almost instantly freeze an iPhone just from clicking on an MP4 video file. The seemingly innocent video shows a loop of a person standing beside a bed with the text ‘Honey’ in the foreground.


GlitchYouTube / Tom Warren

However, even after exiting out of the video, the device will start to slow down until it eventually completely locks up. Luckily, this is a simple fix and all you have to do is hold down the power button and home button simultaneously to reset the device.

Now that you’ve been warned, you can ignore any suspicious MP4 files you receive in iMessage. However, if you are that sadistic pranking friend, YouTube channel, “EverythingApplePro,” created a video covering the glitch in detail and also how to send this prank.

The Next Web reports, “the clip is merely a corrupted file which chains a memory leak when loaded in Safari. In turn, iOS fails to properly handle it, which leads your iPhone and iPad devices to crash.”

Android users can rejoice because the malicious video doesn’t seem to affect their devices. This isn’t the first time a glitch has plagued Apple devices and forced them to freeze, but the tech company managed to sort that out quickly as they will probably with this one.

While the cause of the glitch still hasn’t been confirmed, the video is reportedly hosted on a Russian social networking site called Miaopai.


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