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Wacky Conspiracy Theorists Claim End Of The World ‘Weeks Away’ After ‘Biblical Plagues’ Start On Earth


Armageddon and apocalypses have long confounded human beings. Whether it is Y2K or the end of the Mayan calendar, we have long been obsessed with the idea of the world ending. Now, a new conspiracy theory has emerged about a massive planet known only as Planet X (or Nibiru) that will wipe out all of Earth.

Conspiracy theorists argue that this newfound planet will hurtle towards Earth and wipe out all life on this floating blue and green ball within this year.

They now point to different activities around the world that signify that the end is near.

According to David Meade, who is a paranormal researcher, he claims that the world-ending collision between Nibiru and Earth will occur sometime in October this year.


In his book, Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, David uses an assortment of astronomy, scientific and biblical research to assert that the apocalypse will occur in October of 2017.


Using this theory, researchers claim that the 10 biblical plagues that God sent down from Heaven are indication that the end is near.


In the bible, God sent 10 plagues down to Earth to show the Egyptians that he was the one true God that all people should pray to and worship.

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