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A 28 Year Old Is Making Millions By Buying Toys From Walmart And Selling Them On Amazon


Ryan Grant is a 28 year old man who quit his accounting job in Minneapolis in order to buy toys from Target and Walmart and resell them on Amazon. He quit his accounting job more than four years ago and says that his new business is now netting him more than six figures in profits each year. Ryan says that his business is on track to exceed 8 million dollars in sales this year.

Grant was originally able to take home a salary of 150,000 dollars but has now reduced that down to 60,000 dollars in order to more heavily reinvest into his own company.

He now also consults and teaches e-commerce classes and is more focused on getting his message out.

In an interview with CNBC Grant said: ‘pretty early on I realized I wasn’t in the career path that I wanted to be on.’


‘That experience really had me looking for other options and I was starting to explore ways that I could basically leave that job and have my own schedule and be on my own time.’


He said that he started off organizing textbook buyback events and then selling those textbooks back to customers across the country for a steady profit of up to 10,000 dollars a year.


Soon, he began using Amazon’s fulfillment services which meant that he should ship in bulk from an Amazon warehouse at a lower UPS rate.


Slowly he realized that this side hustle could involve more than textbooks. He began going to clearance aisles in Walmart and scanning a few items on Amazon’s app.


This way he could see how much he could resell the toy for and in what sort of a timespan. He began buying all sorts of toys from Barbies, to LEGO sets, to vacuums to stainless steel flatware.


As the products began stockpiling in his house, Grant rented out a 725 foot warehouse where he could store all his merchandise.


Now his team is over 11 members deep and the new warehouse that they work out of is more than five times bigger than their first one.


‘I went from just me in this business doing around three-to-five thousand dollars in sales per month and now, four years later, we’re a team of 11 and we’re doing well over $200,000 in sales per month.’


He goes on to say that ‘anyone can do it if they’re willing to put in the work.’


‘I was just looking to have freedom of schedule and replace the income that I had from that job and now it’s turned into a lot more than that. I mean, I would be sitting in an office cubicle now or working at a client location as opposed to doing what I want to do effectively when I want to do it.’


His goal now is to help others who might not be so happy at their jobs find the independence and motivation that he did.



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