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Adding To Olympic Nerves: A Wardrobe Malfunction On Ice


A report in the New York Times has indicated that a wardrobe malfunction occurred during a mixed figure skating performance at the 2018 winter Olympics.

Yura Min and her ice dancing partner Alexander Gamelin overcame many obstacles to get to the Olympics. Unfortunately, their first performance on the ice brought another obstacle. Min’s outfit could not stay fastened.

This past Sunday, the two took to the ice in search of a gold medal. But just seconds into the routine, the back of Min’s outfit became unhooked.

Min told the Detroit Free Press that if that back part became undone, the whole outfit could come off. Being a pro, Min had to improvise and modify the choreography by keeping her shoulders high.

wardrobe malfunctionProvidr

After the two finished their routine, Min told the Associated Press that she also needed to keep her back straight to avoid the dress from falling off.

wardrobe malfunction

There was a sequence where the pair began doing a series of twirls on one foot. This caused Min’s outfit to start slipping down. She was forced to stop and pull it back up. This reduced their score.

wardrobe malfunction

This malfunction is very rare because athletes practice with the outfits they plan on wearing, according to Barbara DeLaney-Smith. DeLaney-Smith has taught figure skating for 40 years.


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