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Warning Signs Someone Is A High-Functioning Alcoholic

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Let’s face it… Habits can be difficult to break, but sometimes they can be even more difficult to admit. This is what makes them so dangerous sometimes. Habits that are extremely difficult to quit but can also start with denial include:

  • Smoking,
  • Drugs,
  • Drinking.

Drinking is a difficult one. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a casual drinker and someone who has borderline or high functioning alcoholism.

You may not recognize it, but there are a few signs that can help you discover if you or someone you love is actually a high-functioning alcoholic.

1. Drinking for a Meal: If someone you know comes out to dinner and just orders alcohol in the place of their meal, this can be a tell-tale sign that they may be having issues.


2. No Hangovers: Someone who has developed an alcohol tolerance will not experience hangovers. If someone you know is able to drink a ton and not experience any repercussions the next day, they might be a high-functioning alcoholic.

3. Irritation: A person suffering from alcohol dependency will feel a certain sense of irritation if they know they won’t be able to have any. Whether they’re on vacation and don’t have access to alcohol, or the liquor store is closing, if they get physically irritated or upset this is a huge warning sign.

4. Excessive Consumption: One or two drinks will not cut it for a functioning alcoholic. They’ll usually binge and will always ask for one more. In worst case scenarios, the person will always act like the drink they’re holding is the last. They drink without realizing the quantity.

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