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It Wasn’t Until They Posted Photo Online That They Realized What They Accidentally Captured

When a couple is expecting a baby, their whole life revolves around the pregnancy. The child bearer must eat a healthy diet free of alcohol and raw foods to ensure a healthy baby at the end of nine months. This is an exciting time for the couple which is why many people choose to document the event with a maternity shoot.  

 Maternity shoots usually involve the expecting couple posing together in a variety of beautiful environments. We generally see these take place in a serene park, a colorful garden, or a peaceful beach.


One couple decided to have their maternity shoot at Baker Beach in San Francisco, California. The area sits right by the Golden Gate Bridge which is why it’s the perfect place for a photo shoot like this one. You have the waves rushing up against the shore, the stunning sunset, and the bridge in perfect few. What’s not to like?

As the couple stood in the shallow waters and posed for their photographer, more and more people started to make their way to the beach. Considering that this is a public location, you can expect a photobomb every now and then but once people started disrobing, that’s when they learned that they probably should’ve done a bit more research on the location.

It turns out that the northern area of the beach is “clothing optional.” This means that it’s likely to come across someone who has their ding dong hanging out.   

 A behind-the-scenes photo of their maternity photo shoot featured the expecting couple, their photographer, and a beach-goer who was chilling in his birthday suit. Although this particular photo probably won’t make the cut into their family album, they did think it was funny enough to post on the internet.


According to Imgur, the photo has already been viewed over 250,000 times. For all of you expecting couples out there, be sure to check your surroundings before you snap those maternity photos.

beautiful-young-pregnant-woman-in-beach-beautiful-pregnant-161569Hillary Nguyen-Don

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