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Married People Reveal 24 Things They Wasted Money On For Their Weddings

We all know that weddings cost a fortune. The things is, the couple is willing to pay for it because it’s their big day. But once the couple is married and they look back on their wedding, they begin thinking about how much money they spent on each part of their celebration.

When they get to talking they realize that there really was no point in spending so much money on certain things.

Below is a list of 24 things married people reveal they wasted money on for their weddings.

1. The Wedding Dress: This may seem like a shock to many people, but a lot of the married couples agree that the cost of the dress was overpriced. Jenifer Gay, the owner of Blue Flamingo Weddings, told that many brides state that paying a lot of money on a dress that you will only wear once is a waste. Many bridal stores sell beautiful gowns at a discount. Gay says that when married couples look back they wish they saved money on the dress.

2. The Huge Guest List: An anonymous florist told that many married couples reveal that they wasted money on a huge guest list. At the time they wanted people to come and celebrate their love, but looking back now it was a waste of money. The more people that get invited the more money the wedding will cost in food and drinks. Which is why the florist stated that most couples wish they only invited their closest loved ones and saved the money instead.

3. Programs: Most weddings have program booklets to let the guests know what is going to happen over the course of the day and night. Jennifer Gay stated to that married couples reveal that the cost of those programs was a waste of money. Majority of the guests end up ripping the paper and throwing them on the couple as they walk down the aisle anyway. This is why, Gay says, many couples are now opting for a green wedding where they skip out of paper items. This saves a lot of money as well as saving the environment.

4. Untalented Photographers: Many married couples try to save money by hiring sub-par photographers for their weddings. The problem with this was that they end up paying quite a high amount for a photographer that wasn’t the best. That’s why wife Tiffany Hayden said to that it’s a waste of money paying a cheap photographer to memorialize the wedding day. Instead, Hayden and her husband spent a bit more and had their special day accurately and professionally remembered.

5. Floral Arrangements: The anonymous florist source at stated that married couples reveal that they wasted a lot of money on floral decorations. The florist states that decorations at a wedding should be something you spend the least amount of money on. She says that if you have the money to splurge on beautiful floral decorations then go right ahead. But if you are on a budget, stick to it, and spend intelligently on a florist.

6. The Wedding Cake: Wedding planner Erica Ota told that most married couples agree that they wasted a lot of money on the wedding cake. Jennifer Gay and a florist state to that guests don’t comment on the cake, and few take a bite of the cake. It ends up being a waste of money at the end of the day. And the newlyweds are the ones left to finish it off days after the wedding.

7. A Wedding That Didn’t Fit Them: When it comes to having a wedding, an anonymous florist told, most couples hire a wedding planner. That planner ends up having their own interests in mind and not those of the couple. The florist told that many married couples look back on the theme of their wedding and regret paying so much for something that didn’t fit who they are and who they were as a couple. If they could do it again they wouldn’t listen to what was the most popular wedding trend, but instead, think about what really reflected them as a couple.

8. Expensive Wedding Favors: A lot of couples think they should spend a lot on the gifts they give their guests. Looking back, message board user cyndistar3 says that a lot of money could’ve been saved on the wedding favors. Most guests don’t really think about the gift anyway. One way to save money from these wedding favors is by making something from scratch. Such as a booklet of family recipes.

9. The Shoes: Many brides love to have the best and most beautiful shoes on at their wedding. The truth is, brides spend a lot of money on those shoes. And most of the time their dresses are floor or longer then floor length and cover them. On a message board on user kala_way says that people spend a lot of money on expensive shoes and when she gets married she won’t do this. Just make sure they are pretty and you are happy with them.


10. The Pre-Wedding Parties: When it comes to the pre-wedding parties every couple gets excited. It could be the bachelor, bachelorette or just a family get together party. A lot of money goes into them. Instead of having so many pre-wedding parties with a lot of guests and spending a lot of money. Instead of doing this hire a professional photographer and have them document the day and night for you.

11. The Open Bar: On a message board on user kala_way thinks that a lot of wasted wedding money goes to an open bar and free alcohol. It’s one of the most popular things to do at a wedding, having an open bar, but the cost is deadly. One advice to give to couples planning their wedding is to scout around many different locations. There are some that include an open bar and open food price for cheap. Just know how many people are coming and if it’s worth the cost.

12. Sculptures and Fountains: Weddings are thought of to be extravagant. Those thoughts result in couples getting sculptures and chocolate fountains at their weddings. This is all about the show of the wedding. Most guests won’t take much notice to the sculptures. The chocolate fountain may be a hit but it’s also a hit to the bank account. Prioritize your money when it comes to the added things at your wedding.

13. Monogrammed Napkins: A popular trend at weddings is buying monogrammed napkins both paper and cloths. On a message board on user jennifera wrote that looking back on doing this she thinks it was a waste of money. These napkins may not be the most expensive thing at the wedding, it’s about $30 for 100 napkins, but it’s still a waste of money. People are only going to use them once and then they will be fed to the trash.

14. The Guest Book: It might sounds shocking but the guest book is quite the expense at a wedding. On a message board on user kala_way states that a lot of thought and time goes into finding a guest book that couples like. If anyone has been to a wedding then you know that rarely anyone actually signs the guest book. So why not save some money on it?


15. Save-TheDate’s: One of the first wedding expenses is the save-the-dates that get sent out. A lot of couples spend a lot of money on fancy save-the-dates to send out in the mail to their family and friends. Jennifera who is a user of a message board on wrote that this was a biggest waste of money spent on the wedding. A way to save some money is to email invitations to people. It may not have the same wedding feeling but it will save your bank account and the environment.

16. The Photobooth: On a message board on user karatechick27 says that photo booths and anything like them cost way too much money to have at a wedding. If you’re a couple that already hired a photographer to save the memories then there is no need to waste money on a photo booth. The professional photos will be the memories for life.


17. Bridesmaids and Best Men: On a message board on user kala_way said that spending a lot on Oscar styled outfits for bridesmaids and best men is a waste of money. When you are planning for your wedding put thought and care into what the bride and groom are wearing rather than spending a lot of money on the outfits of others. Many stores have really nice dresses and tuxedos for cheap.


18. Wedding Rings: Not many married couples would agree with this but some do. A lot of money goes into the wedding rings that they will wear the rest of their lives. One user, kala_way, on the message board, said she feels couples go too over-the-top with huge expensive wedding rings. Make sure you buy a ring that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life.


19. Professional Hair and Makeup: There is a thought that every woman wants to look perfect on her wedding day. But that perfection doesn’t have to come at the price of your wallet. On a message board on married user kala_way wrote that too much money was wasted on professional hair and makeup artists. If you know someone who does a great job at doing hair and makeup and will do it for cheap, go for that option. Chances are it will look the same as the professional, especially if this person knows you well.

20. The DJ: When it comes to weddings there is always a band or DJ involved. These DJs cost a lot of money and on a message board on user jennifera wrote she was happy her and her husband didn’t waste money on one. Instead, jennifera and her husband had a family friend that was really into music and saved money that way. There are cheaper options when it comes to getting your entertainment for your wedding. Make sure to do your research and get the best fit for you.

21. Transportation: When it comes to getting around on your wedding day a lot of people spend money on limos. On a board on user jennifera wrote that her and her husband used their own vehicle to get around on the wedding day. She also wrote that she saved money by getting everyone else to use their own cars also. If you have the money to spend, go ahead and get a fancy car to drive your around. But if you are trying to save some money there is nothing wrong with using a regular car.

22. A Reception Dress: Some brides get a wedding dress and a reception dress. On a board on user ohheavenlyday wrote that changing from the wedding dress to the reception dress is not only a waste of money but a waste of time. If you are already spending a lot of money on the beautiful wedding dress then stay in it all day.

23. Hiring A Videographer: On a board on user jennifera wrote that her and her husband didn’t bother hiring a videographer. Nowadays almost everyone is able to video from their phones. Instead of getting a photographer and videographer just get a photographer. Then ask the people at your wedding to video at random times and get them to send you the footage. You’ll have even more video of you big day.


24. Bathroom Baskets: There are a lot of weddings that have bathroom baskets for their guests. These baskets have all different types of items for men and women. But they do cost a lot of money and many married couples look back and think of the money they wasted on them. On a message board on user jennifera stated that most of the time these baskets get hidden somewhere in the bathroom where the guests don’t have the chance to see them anyways.

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