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Knife Attached To Rocket Going 150 MPH Slices Meat And Fruit

In this episode of “The Backyard Scientist”, YouTube host recreates an epic experiment from Myth Busters. Using sugar rockets and a kitchen blade, he attempts to cut a toy car in half with a rocket blade. 

  In the original experiment, Myth Busters chops a real automobile in half using rockets and a giant sled to launch a blade 750 feet down a track travelling at 500 miles per hour. The experiment was a success and is almost impossible to see unless the footage is slowed down. One second you can hear the rocket launching, and in the next second the car has exploded.


Due to budget and space limitations, “The Backyard Scientist” creates a much smaller track and uses a toy car for his version of the experiment. He explains that he has detached the blade from a kitchen knife and attached it to some pieces of aluminum to create the rocket blade.

He uses plumbers Teflon tape to ensure that the rocket will travel the fastest it can, as well as spraying the entire track with graphite lubricant. With the help of a friend who stands on the other end of the track to trigger the rocket, “The Backyard Scientist” lights up the rocket blade and counts down before it launches into the toy car ahead of it. Check out the cool experiment on the next page.

The rocket blade travels so fast that again, it can only be seen when the footage is slowed down. Upon checking the results, the host finds that the rocket blade had successfully sliced through the toy car, turning it into pieces. Luckily he runs the experiment a few more times trying it out on different items.  

The blade slices clean through a whole chicken and a slab of steak and then, like the fruit ninja game, it slices an entire line of fruit and veg from a cucumber to a pineapple. It almost makes it through the watermelon but the knife wasn’t tall enough.

Next The Backyard scientist decides to heat things up, literally by torching the blade until it’s red hot in an attempt at setting off fireworks. Unfortunately, however, this malfunctions and he ends up burning his fingers on the hot blade. He explains that sometimes the rockets explode and that’s what backfired. Overall it’s an interesting experiment and you have to check it out!


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