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Watch Bruce Lee Destroy This Guy In His Only ‘Real’ Fight Ever Caught On Video

Bruce Lee is easily regarded as one of the history’s most formidable fighters. From his status as a movie star to his recorded feats of a 2-inch punch, blindfolded sparring with a karate master, and the amazing 2 finger push up, Bruce Lee was truly a great martial artist. Even the other greats have recognized him as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time.) Mike Tyson himself, one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time, said in an interview that Bruce Lee was “the ultimate warrior.”

18251540_1717197644964520_8245756391302627328_n Bruce Lee

From his stints with Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, and Sammo Hung, Bruce was truly one of the pioneers of spreading martial arts around the globe. He broke traditions by teaching his craft to people of all genders, cultures, and races. 

A recent viral video of the karate master reveals the only known footage of Bruce Lee in an actual fight. This video showcases what martial arts were like back then. Both participants are strapped and padded in protective wear and headgear.

Bruce’s unfortunate opponent is supposedly Ted Wong, one of Bruce’s very own students. Ted, who was known as one of Bruce’s top students, was a martial arts practitioner up to his time of death in 2010 in Hong Kong when he was 73 years old.

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