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16 Ways British People Eat Toast That Other People Don’t Realize Are Delicious


There are tons of different types of foods in the world and each country has their favorite snacks and meals. A pretty universal food is bread and other grain products. Whether it is in the form of a loaf, pita, roti, etc.

A classic for many is toast and sandwiches, but no one does it quite like the British. Some people may find their beans and toast staple a bit off-putting to the eye, but let’s face it–British snacks and meals are wholesome and cozy.

From beans and eggs to jams and butter, British people are doing toast right and here are 16 different ways that they do it.

Other people don’t realize how delicious these combinations really are!

1. Eggs and Ketchup: It may look gross to some, but eggs and ketchup on toast is a great quick and tasty snack. It can be eaten at any time of the day and it’s always delicious.

2. Beans: A British classic. Beans on toast. More people need to try this wholesome dish that’s packed with protein!

3. Beans and Sausage: Are the beans not enough protein for you? Why not add some sausage! Although the beans are a great vegetarian option, meat eaters can still enjoy them too.

4. Beans and Cheese: Or maybe you’d prefer if your beans were a little cheesy? This definitely isn’t the prettiest dish but it’s super tasty.

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