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16 Ways To Have Fun With A Question On A Test When You Have No Idea What The Answer Is


We’ve probably all been there. Taking a test in school that we’re ill-prepared for, not knowing the answers at all, and still having to fill the page.

No one wants to hand in a blank test, so instead people choose to come up with creative solutions to the questions, even if they’re totally wrong. And we love them for their wit, and the fact that they recorded their flare of genius for the world to see.

Here are 16 times people have had fun with an answer on a test even though they didn’t actually know anything.

The hilarious part is sometimes they actually got credit for creativity. So, it’s worth a try after all.

1. I mean this student did draw a plant cell. I wonder what this flower did to get locked up or why this student didn’t at least draw a circle.

2. This is one of of those examples of a student who’s trying to be witty. Depending on the teacher this could go in either direction.

3. If you don’t know the answer to the question, just change it! Not exactly sure what this person was going for.

4. When in doubt, quoting a movie might be the tool to get you through a difficult question on a test. Or maybe not.

5. Technically, this could be considered the correct answer. I wonder if this teacher gave them credit or not.

6. Love is in the air! I guess when this student saw the word relationship they thought it meant on a romantic level. Socrates with Lady Philosophy perhaps?

7. His honesty didn’t exactly get him a good grade, but it did get him an A+ for creativity. These kids sure have fun with their tests. 

8. This one looks like it might have come from a kid who goes to a Catholic or Christian school. When in doubt, there’s one answer that will always prevail.

9. Pretty sure this is supposed to be on the theory of evolution, but I guess this image does kind of prove that giraffes aren’t the nicest.

10. Again, not wrong in any way but probably not the answer the teacher was hoping to see for this question.

11. Another religion test? At a Catholic school? Who knows but for some reason these kids seem to know the secret answer. Oh wait, this is a math test. I’m guessing this student didn’t pass.

12. What is it with students and coming up with the most literal answers possible. This is probably not the correct answer but it could be a possibility.

13. They found X! Sort of. Honestly I wasn’t the best at math in school either but I don’t know if I would have been this cheeky.

14. Looks like we’ve got a future doctor in the house. Then again if they can’t pass their math test they probably won’t make it to the hospital.

15. Now this one is smart and creative! Looks like this student knew most of the answers and got a perfect score because of his little drawing!

16. Yay! Another positive drawing that gained some marks. I wonder if any of these students are going to grow up to be cartoonists or illustrators.


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