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20 Weird Bathroom Discoveries


We’ve all seen it. The weird, the wacky and the wild in public bathrooms across the country. The one-too-many women lined up at the club, or the man who just can’t seem to point at the urinal despite his best efforts. Everyone tries to avoid eye contact, while getting in and out without being dragged into a discussion about the finer points of the Yankees’ bullpen or the gall of the bartender who refused to serve them anymore. But even those dramatic interactions don’t hold a candle to some of the things people have found in bathrooms, like:

  • Animals,
  • Heirlooms,
  • Money.

Stories arise every few months of creatures and objects that should never be in a bathroom, and yet were found there anyway. From insects to amphibians, people were shocked when they walked in to find these things.

Here are 20 of the weirdest things ever found in a bathroom, public or otherwise:

1. In the electronic age, students are expected to achieve more and more as they fight their way through college and university. This girl decided to multitask during some otherwise wasted time.


2. Who hasn’t found a pig’s head in the toilet? This is apparently part of a hazing ritual among an Amsterdam rowing club.


3. An almost 10-foot-long carpet python was waiting for Erik Rantzau in his Australian home. He decided maybe he didn’t have to go after all.


4. World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma wanted to meet Brookfield Zoo’s Wilbur the Wombat so badly during one of his tours, that he wasn’t going to miss a chance to greet him up close.


5. Starbucks is now serving snakes in the toilet, according to Michele Ahlswede. I’m not sure you’d even notice that if the seat was down.


6. Only in Winnipeg, Canada would a woman find a squirrel flailing in her toilet bowl as she went to use the bathroom. She apparently removed him with a pair of kitchen tongs.


7. This adorable little possum swam at least 50 feet through the pipes to arrive in a Texas toilet.


8. That’s right, a shark was in a toilet in South Carolina at the Henry Chamber Waterfront Park. When two frightened women found it, it was already dead. The park claims it couldn’t have swam through the pipe, and says it must have been put there as a practical joke.


9. That’s a man, drunk and confused, in a portable toilet on a construction site in Cape Town, South Africa. He was jammed so deep into the opening that it took rescue workers 40 minutes to dislodge him.


10. Spiders are actually quite commonly hiding in toilets that haven’t been flushed for some time, so make sure you check before you sit down.


11. Veronica Rodriguez didn’t need to check. She couldn’t even get close to her toilet when she saw that a 12-foot python had found its way into her bathroom.


12. Maybe this is why so many animals find their way into the bathroom. This man is eating his chicken dinner on the baby changing table, without a care in the world.


13. Urinating into your favorite character’s mouth must be very disconcerting. In one Colombian restaurant both bathrooms are decorated like this.


14. This photo was tweeted out angrily when a woman found bags of chopped red onions dumped all over her school’s bathroom. Who does that?


15. A janitor in Australia found over $93,000 stuck in a toilet. When the police couldn’t find who it belonged to, the janitor was allowed to keep most of it.


16. A couple found a safe while remodeling their bathroom. It contained over $50,000, a rare bottle of bourbon and an odd set of treasure hunt-like clues.

17. In a communal bathroom in France, a 16th-century hairpin that once belonged to Queen Catherine de’ Medici surfaced. How the pin got there is still a mystery.


18. This massive carp was found in a McDonald’s bathroom. How it was smuggled in, and why it was left there is an even bigger mystery than the royal jewelry.


19. Rats have often climbed up through the pipes into toilets, but this one got stuck halfway in this hotel bathroom. The guest called the front desk when he heard noises coming from the bathroom, not willing to check it out himself. Smart move.


20. In China, a child was found in the bathroom piping after a woman had apparently given birth over a toilet. The 8-inch pipe was barely enough to hold the child, and rescue workers had to push her up from below.


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